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Dr. Mai Dao

Dr. Mai Dao

Associate Professor
Office: Stranahan Hall - 3034
Telephone: (419) 530 - 2340
Curriculum Vitae

Mai Dao is an Associate Professor of Accounting at the University of Toledo. She earned a Ph.D. degree in Accounting from Florida International University, USA. She holds a Master of Science in Accounting from Maastricht University, the Netherlands. She got a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting from Flinders University, Australia.
She has publications in following journals: Advances in Accounting, European Accounting Review, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, Managerial Auditing Journal, Management Decision, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, The Accounting Review, Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics, Review of Accounting and Finance. Her research interests are in earnings quality, audit quality, and corporate governance.

Florida International University, Miami, Florida  2009
Doctor of Philosophy, Accounting

Maastricht University, Maastricht, Netherlands  2006
Master of Science, Accounting  

Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia 2004
Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting


Internal Reporting
Advanced Auditing
Advanced Managerial Accounting
Principles of Financial Accounting

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2018: Best Paper Award, 2018 American Accounting Association Mid-Atlantic Region Meeting.

2018: College of Business and Innovation Summer Research Fellowship, the University of Toledo.

2015: Junior Faculty Research Award, College of Business and Innovation, The University of Toledo

2015: Gender Issues/Work Life Balance Paper Award, 2015 American Accounting Association Ohio Regional Conference

2013: College of Business and Innovation Summer Research Grant, The University of Toledo.

2012: Best Research Paper Award, College of Business and Innovation, The University of Toledo.

2012: Provost Conference Travel Award, The University of Toledo.

2012: College of Business and Innovation Summer Research Grant, The University of Toledo.

2012: Excerpts from the paper entitled "Shareholder voting on auditor selection, audit fees, and audit quality" (The Accounting Review, co-authored with Dr. Kannan Raghunandan and Dr. Dasaratha Rama) appeared in (February 16, 2012), CFO World (February 15, 2012), Accounting Education (February 27, 2012) and in Academic Spotlight by Audit Analytics.

2011: College of Business and Innovation Summer Research Grant, The University of Toledo.

2010: University Summer Research Award (URAF), The University of Toledo.

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