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Dr. Bashar S Gammoh

Dr. Bashar S. Gammoh

Professor of Marketing and International Business
Marketing and International Business
Office: Stranahan Hall - 3050
Telephone: (419) 530 - 2091
Fax: (419) 530 - 4610

Dr. Gammoh is a Professor of Marketing and International Business in the Department of Marketing & International Business and the Faculty Director for MBA/EMBA programs at the University of Toledo’s College of Business & Innovation. He holds a Ph.D. in Marketing from Oklahoma State University, an MBA from University of Jordan, and a BS in Economics from University of Yarmouk. Dr. Gammoh teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in marketing strategy, brand management, consumer behavior, integrated marketing communication, and International marketing. His research interests are in the areas of marketing strategy, brand management and cross-cultural international marketing issues. His research has appeared in several journals such as European Journal of Marketing, Psychology & Marketing, Marketing Letters, Journal of Product & Brand Management, Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, Journal of Global Marketing, Journal of Services Marketing, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, Journal of Industrial Marketing, and Journal of Customer Behavior and in several national and regional conference proceedings. He serves on editorial review boards of several of the aforementioned journals. Dr Gammoh is the recipient of faculty research and service awards at the University of Toledo’s College of Business & Innovation.

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma, 2006
Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration, Marketing
Dissertation: “Propensity to Participate in Brand Alliances: A Managerial Perspective,”
Members: Kevin E. Voss (Chair), Gary Frankwick, Karen Flaherty & Margaret White.

University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan, 2000
Master of Business Administration, Marketing

Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan, 1997
Bachelor of Science, Economics & Finance


  • Principles of Marketing, face to face and DL (Undergraduate).
  • Buyer Behavior & Relationship Marketing, DL (Undergraduate/MIB required course)
  • International Marketing, DL (Undergraduate/MIB required course) 
  • Principles of Marketing Communications, DL (Undergraduate/MIB required course) 
  • Direct Marketing, DL (Undergraduate/MIB elective course)
  • Marketing Analysis and Decision Making, Face to face, Blended, and DL (Undergraduate/MIB capstone course)
  • Strategic Marketing & Analysis, Face to face, Blended, and DL (Graduate/MBA)
  • International Marketing DL (Graduate/MBA)
  • Strategic Brand Management, Face to face, Blended, and DL (Graduate/MBA)
  • Market Driven Strategy & Analysis, face to face, Blended (Graduate/EMBA)
  • Strategic Brand Management, face to face (Graduate/EMBA)
  • Strategic Brand Management, face to face (Graduate/UT-PSG MBA, Coimbatore, India)
  • Strategic Marketing & Analysis, face to face (Graduate/UT-PSG MBA, Coimbatore, India)
  • Strategic Marketing & Analysis, face to face and via satellite (Graduate/UT-AmCham MBA, Cairo, Egypt)

In general, Dr Gammoh major research interests are in the areas of marketing strategy, brand management and cross-cultural international marketing issues. He research in the area of brand leveraging strategies (e.g., co-branding, and brand alliances) and is actively working to establish a program of research that examines these strategies from the perspectives of the consumer and the firm. In addition, his research program expands to bring branding and brand management issues into related areas such as sales management, consumer behavior, and international cross cultural marketing issues. For example, some of his research explore sales-person brand relationships and the resulting sales performance outcomes, consumer-brand interaction and the resulting emotional connections consumers develop toward their brands, and consumer reactions to global and local brand positioning strategies.

Peer Reviewed Academic Journals

Gammoh, Bashar S., Michael L. Mallin and Ellen B. Pullins (forthcoming), “Dual Foci of Identification: The Role of Salesperson Brand and Organizational Identification in driving Brand Performance,” Journal of Product and Brand Management, (Accepted; October 28, 2020). 

Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando R., Bashar S Gammoh and Rand Wergin, (2020)“The Effect of Imagery and Product Involvement in Copy Testing Scores of Animatics and Finished Ads: A Schemata Approach”, Journal of Marketing Theory & Practice, Vol. 28, No 4, pp. 357-372.   

Gammoh, Bashar S., Anthony C. Koh and Sam C. Okoroafo, (2019) "Positioning Strategies of High-Tech Products: Cross-Cultural Moderating Effects of Ethnocentrism and Cultural Openness", Journal of Product and Brand Management, Vol. 29, No. 3, pp. 369–385. 

Gammoh, Bashar S., Fernando R. Jimenez-Arevalo, and Rand Wergin, (2018) “Consumer Attitudes toward Human-Like Avatars in Advertisements: The Effect of Category Knowledge and Imagery ", International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Vol. 22, No. 3, pp. 325-348. 

Gammoh, Bashar S., Michael L. Mallin. Ellen B. Pullins and Catherine M. Johnson (2018), “The role of salesperson brand selling confidence in enhancing important sales management outcomes: A social identity approach”, Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, Vol. 33, No. 3, pp. 277-290.* 

*  Emerald Publishing 2019 Highly Commended Paper Award 

Mohan, Mayoor, Kevin Voss, Fernando Jimenez-Arevalo and Bashar S. Gammoh (2018), “Corporate Brands as Brand Allies”, Journal of Product and Brand Management, special edition on corporate brands, Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 41-56.    

Mallin, Michael L., Bashar S. Gammoh, Ellen B. Pullins and Catherine M. Johnson (2017), “A New Perspective of Salesperson Motivation and Salesforce Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Salesperson - Brand Identification,” Journal of Marketing Theory & Practice, Vol. 25, No. 4 (fall), pp. 357-374. 

Pham, Phuoc H. and Bashar S. Gammoh (2015), “Characteristics of Social-Media Marketing Strategy and Customer-Based Brand Equity Outcomes: A Conceptual Model,” International Journal of Internet Marketing & Advertising,Vol. 9, No. 4, pp. 321-337. 

Gammoh, Bashar S., Anthony C. Koh, Sam C. Okoroafo and Amjad Abu ElSamen (2015), “The Antecedents of Belief in Global Citizenship: A Two-Country Investigation,” Journal of Global Marketing, Vol. 28, No. 1, pp. 52-66. 

Gammoh, Bashar S., Michael L. Mallin and Ellen B. Pullins (2014), “The Impact of Salesperson-Brand Personality Congruence on Salesperson Brand Identification, Motivation and Performance Outcomes,” Journal of Product and Brand Management, Vol. 23, No. 7, pp. 543-553.  

Gammoh, Bashar S., Michael L. Mallin and Ellen B. Pullins (2014), “Antecedents and Consequences of Salesperson Identification with the Brand and Company”, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Vol. 34, No. 1, pp. 1-16.  

Gammoh, Bashar S. and Kevin E. Voss, (2013) “Alliance Competence: The Moderating Role of Valence of Alliance Experience,” European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 47, No. 5/6, pp. 964 - 986.  

Pentina, Iryna, Bashar S. Gammoh, Lixuan Zhang and Michael L. Mallin, (2013) “Drivers and Outcomes of Brand Relationship Quality in the Context of Online Social Networks,” International Journal of Electronic Commerce,Vol. 17, No. 3, pp. 63 – 86.  

Kevin E. Voss, Bashar S. Gammoh and Xiang Fang,(2012) "How Does a Brand Ally Affect Cosumer Evaluations of a Focal Brand?” Psychology & Marketing, Vol. 29, No. 12, pp. 929 - 940.  

Roy, Subhadip, Bashar S. Gammoh and Anthony C. Koh (2012), “Predicting the Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsements Using Balance Theory,”Journal of Customer Behavior, Vol. 11, No. 1, pp. 33-52.  

Fang, Xiang, Bashar S. Gammoh* and Kevin E. Voss (2013), “Building Brands through Brand Alliances: Combining Warranty Information with a Brand Ally”, Journal of Product & Brand ManagementVol. 22, No. 2, pp. 153 –160.   

* The authors contributed equally to this project and are listed in alphabetical order 

Long-Tolbert, Sylvia and Bashar S. Gammoh (2012), “In Good and Bad Times: The Interpersonal Nature of Brand Love in Service Relationships,” Journal of Services Marketing, Vol. 26, No. 6, pp. 391-402.  

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Gammoh, Bashar S., Kevin E. Voss, and Goutam Chakraborty (2006), "Consumer Evaluation of Brand Alliance Signals," Psychology & Marketing, Vol. 23, No. 6, 465-486.  

Voss, Kevin E. and Bashar S. Gammoh (2004), "Building Brands through Brand Alliances: Does a Second Ally Help?", Marketing Letters, Vol. 15, No. 2/3, 147-59.


  • Emerald Publishing Highly Commended Paper Award (2019)
  • COBI Diversity Award Nominee (2019)
  • COBI Brunner Service Award (2018)
  • COBI Vonderembse Research Award (2017)
  • Honorary Beta Gamma Sigma Faculty Inductee (2017)
  • COBI Faculty Graduate Teaching Award Nominee (2016)
  • UT Faculty Excellence Award (2010-2011)
  • COBI Junior Faculty Research Award Nominee (2010-2011)
  • COBI Summer Research Grant recipient (2008)
  • COBI Summer Research Grant recipient (2007)
  • ACR Doctoral Consortium Fellow Award (2005)
  • AMA Foundation Visiting Scholars Travel Grant (2003)
  • CBA Deans list Award, University of Jordan (2000)
  • Cairo Bank Graduate Student Achievement Award, University of Jordan (1999)
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