College of Business and Innovation

Elizabeth A.Napier

Elizabeth Napier

Assistant Professor
Marketing & International Business
Office: Stranahan Hall - 3013
Telephone: (419) 530 - 2042
Georgia State University, Atlanta 2019
Doctor of Philosophy, Marketing, and International Business

Georgia State University, Atlanta 2014
Master of International Business

Georgia State University, Atlanta 2011
Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology

  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Strategy
  • International Marketing and Business
  • Globalization and Business Practices
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics
  • Marketing Analytics


  • Napier, Elizabeth, (2016) MNE-NGO Global Partnerships: A Promising Method for Corporate Social Responsibility. (publication for the book by Edward Edgar in 2019); Socially-responsible international business: Critical issues and the way forward, co-edited by L.C. Leonidou, C.S. Katsikeas, S. Samiee, and C.N. Leonidou.
  • Napier, Elizabeth, Sanguineti Francesca (2018). Fashion Merchandisers’ Slash and Burn Dilemma: A Consequence of Over Production and Excessive Waste?. Rutgers Business Review, 3(2).


  • Liu, Steven, Napier, Elizabeth, Runfola, Andrea, Cavusgil, Salih Tamer, Partnering for Sustainability and Social Responsibility in the Fashion Industry: Pitfalls and Propositions. (Manuscript under first round of revisions, International Business Review).
  • Napier, Elizabeth, The Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility: How has AI transformed CSR? (Manuscript under review, Journal of Business Ethics).


  • Napier, Elizabeth, Bozos, Konstantinos, Firm Investment in Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial
  • Risk. (Manuscript in preparation, targeting Journal of International Business Studies).
  • Napier, Elizabeth, Zedylmayer, Gabriele, New Prospects for CSR through Technology. (Manuscript in preparation, targeting Strategic Management Journal).
  • Zedylmayer, Gabriele, Napier, Elizabeth, Cavusgil, Salih Tamer, The Promise of Digital Technologies for Sustainable Social Responsibility: A Template for Managerial Prescriptions and Generating New Value. (Manuscript in preparation, targeting Harvard Business Review).
  • Napier, Elizabeth, Rau, Pradeep, Operationalizing Porter’s Diamond: An investigation of the macroeconomic factors that affect a nation’s trade competitiveness. (Manuscript presented at Academy of International Business South East conference in Washington D.C., October 2017, targeting Journal of International Business Studies).
  • Elizabeth Napier, Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Toledo Page 2 of 5
  • Napier, Elizabeth, Jeffrey, Parker, The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Guilt in the Purchase of Hedonic Products. (Manuscript in preparation, targeting Journal Consumer Research).
  • Napier, Elizabeth, Social Sustainability and International Diversification: A Longitudinal Analysis of SSR Initiatives on Shareholder Wealth. (Manuscript in preparation, targeting Journal of International Business Studies).
  • Napier, Elizabeth, Does the fear of missing out (FoMO) breakdown or reinforce organizational information silos?
  • Napier, Elizabeth, Cavusgil, Salih Tamer, Why is YKK on all the Zippers? (Case study in preparation, targeting Long Range Planning).
  • Napier, Elizabeth, Ku, Sarah, Strategic AI for Waste Management - from Trash to Cash.
  • Alvarado-Vargas, Marcelo, Napier, Elizabeth, Changing neighborhoods: Explaining divestment speed from China.
  • Alvarado-Vargas, Marcelo, Napier, Elizabeth, To D.I.V.E. (or Not) into Deep Waters: Assessment Tool for Digital Innovation.

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