John B. and Lillian E. Neff College of Business and Innovation

Students Share What They Love About the Neff College of Business and Innovation

 "Over my last four years in the College of Business there are so many aspects of it that I have come to love. The opportunities to get involved are endless, from the student organizations to the competitions that COBI provides, they have all been aspects that I have really loved and appreciated. I also love the culture that is fostered at UT and especially within COBI. As students, we are taught and equipped with the tools for success, but nothing is easily given to us. We have high expectations for pursuing our own careers at job fairs, making connections at professional events, and developing our skills within extracurricular opportunities. The College of Business teaches its students to work hard for our aspirations and we will earn them - and that is what I love most about my Neff College of Business and Innovation."

- Sophie Carson, Human Resources and Management major
Class of '21

 "The buildings and classes are the ones I love most about the Neff College of Business and Innovation. Like most of the other business schools, our business school is also one of the world-class and standard business schools in terms of adding value to the students and creating tomorrow’s business leaders. Adding contemporary topics or industry demand programs like Applied Analytics is just an instance of the university’s strategic goal of creating tomorrow’s innovative business leaders. Our current student organizations are one of the beauties of Neff College of Business and Innovation."

- Nima Sherpa, Master's of Applied Business Analytics
Class of '21

 "The thing that I love the most about the Neff College of Business and Innovation is how much this college is dedicated to preparing their students for incredibly rewarding jobs in their fields. The business industry expects skilled professionals who are ready to face new challenges no matter how small or large and I believe that this college is committed to providing their students with the tools and networks to thrive and achieve their educational and career goals!"

- Alexis Dillon, Accounting and Finance major
Class of '21

 "I love the opportunity to complete my bachelor's from one of the best business schools around without taking any extra time. As a non-traditional college student with an associate's degree, I wanted to find a school that made the best use of my transfer credits and time without compromising the quality of my education or degree I received. I also enjoyed and utilized many of the perks of being a business major including the computer labs, study space in the Stranahan basement, mock interviews and job fairs. I don't regret my decision to finish my degree at the University of Toledo's Neff College of Business and Innovation."

- Natalie Sharpe, Applied Organizational Technology Graduate
Class of '21

 "I love that although I am an online student that all my professors have helped me feel special and encouraged me to do my best. All my professors from the College of Business and Innovation work very hard to make the online experience an intimate one, even in these strange times of Covid-19. I now feel much more well-rounded with business that adds to my IT degree and certifications. I thank the College of Business and Innovation, the entire university and all the professors and staff for all that they do!"

- Ray Goins, Applied Organizational Technology Graduate
Class of '21

 "The university holds a welcoming environment for everyone. The professors work for longer hours and work harder to provide an immaculate learning experience. The professors are considerate and are always willing to clear all your doubts and guide you through all your adversities. Overall, it is an amazing university with lots of opportunities to overcome your weaknesses and have a great future ahead."

- Neha Patil, M.B.A. in Information Systems Management
Class of '21


Last Updated: 6/27/22