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The University of Toledo has a community of career offices to assist you.  We can help you navigate our structure, personalize your candidate recruitment, and target specific groups of eligible students and alumni. 

UToledo's Rocket Career Center utilizes Handshake- our online job posting and recruiting platform. Handshake is a career management system where employers can post job and internship opportunities, request on-campus interviews, register for events, and engage with students and alumni.  

Benefits of using Handshake: 

  • Handshake allows employers to have a one-stop shop for recruiting efforts.  
  • Employers can post jobs to multiple institutions using the Multi-School Job Posting Option—for free.  
  • Utilizing the filter options allows all employers to find the best fit for each position.  
  • Virtual or in-person events can be hosted by employers and seen by all students and alumni.  

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Job and Internship Postings Guidelines:

The Rocket Career Center will not approve any opportunities which do not follow the guidelines below:

  • Positions should not interfere with or negatively affect the academic progress of a student.
  • Positions should not require the applicants to purchase or rent any kind of training or marketing and sales material in order to become employed.
  • Positions should not require students to provide on-campus solicitation or products or services not authorized by the University.
  • Employers should not be private individuals requiring candidates to work out of private premises.
  • Postings containing advertising, promotion, solicitation for goods, services, or funds, or solicitation for others to become members of any enterprise or organization, will not be approved.
  • Positions requiring the candidate to work with a product or service which is not legal.
  • Positions requiring door-to-door solicitation including political canvassing and telemarketing will not be approved.


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Last Updated: 5/13/24