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Rocky takes a photo in the new professional headshot booth

The Professional Headshot Booth is the newest addition to Career Services offerings. The Professional Headshot Booth (launched in Feb. 2023) offers consistent, high-quality professional headshots at no cost for UToledo Rockets. The high-resolution headshots are emailed to the user for them to download to their personal devices.  

Why would I need a professional headshot?

Professional headshots can be used for many different reasons. 

  • LinkedIn and other social platforms
  • Student organizations
  • Conferences 
  • Research presentations
  • Performances

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my headshots? 

On average, it takes only 3 minutes to complete your headshots. 

How do I download my headshots? 

Once you have completed your session, you will get an email with a link to the IRIS website to download your images. 

How often can I take headshots? 
You can use the headshot booth as much as you'd like! There is no limit to the number of session you do. 


Thompson Student Union, 1st Floor, down the hall from "The Market".               


The Headshot Booth is open during normal Student Union Hours. 

Anna Redd, communication studies major, poses for headshot in the professional headshot booth.

Anna Redd, Communication Studies, Class of  2025

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Last Updated: 4/23/24