Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety: Forms and Application Process

Forms and Applications


Quarterly Radioactive Material Physical Inventory

Required submission form for the inventory of all laboratory radioactive materials


Sink Disposal of Radioactive Waste

Required log for all radioactive wastes disposed into the university’s waste water system


Radioactive Waste Container Log

Required document to record the quantity and activity of all waste materials contaminated with radioactive materials


Radioisotope Usage and Disposition Log

Required document to track all movements of radioactive materials into and out of a laboratory


Emergency Phone Numbers

Emergency numbers to be filled out and posted in the laboratory


Pregnancy Declaration Form

Allows for pregnant women whose jobs involve the use of radioactive materials to be monitored for radiation dose during their pregnancies


Request for dosimeter service 

This form is required to receive dosimeter service


Application for use for radiation sources

This form is used to apply for research approved-user status


Radioisotope Use Amendment Request

This form is to amend your research approved-user status


Additional project forms

This form is used to describe the process for each project


Research Lab Area Survey Form

Research Lab Monthly Wipe Test Form 

These forms are required in the monitoring of research labs that use radioactive materials.



 Statement for Minors

This form is to be used if a minor is to be working in a lab that uses radioactive materials or radiation generating equipment.

Request for Clinical Authorized User Status 

This form is required to become a Clinical Authorized User of Radioactive Materials or an Authorized Medical Physicist for Radioactive Materials.


Last Updated: 1/20/21