Diversity and Inclusion

University of Toledo Strategic Plan for Diversity

The University of Toledo has worked with students, faculty, staff and community to develop a comprehensive university diversity plan with the intention of creating an inclusive environment at UT.

Diversity Plan

“The University of Toledo's commitment to diversity must be infused into every action we take. It is represented in our words as well as our actions and decisions at all levels of the University. From the faculty, staff and students we recruit to ensuring our retention and graduation rates demonstrate equal opportunities of success for all, we must come together as an institution to continue to move this critical priority forward. I ask for your help, input and steadfast commitment to equality as we proactively work to strengthen diversity at UT."

- President Sharon L. Gaber, message to the UT community, November 13, 2015



June 2016 Final report released to UT community

May 2016 Draft report released to UT community

April 2016 Report drafted and reviewed

March 2016 Qualitative and quantitative data reviewed

Mid February 2016 Confidential university-wide online diversity assessment survey 

January/February 2016 Faculty, staff and student focus groups to be held

January/February 2016 Faculty, staff, student and community Conversations on Diversity to be held

December 2015 Diversity Plan Advisory Committee formed

November 2015 Willie McKether named to lead diversity plan process 












Diversity plan Advisory committee

(as of 2.18.16)

  • Willie McKether, Ph.D., Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion and Vice Provost
  • Ovamir Anjum - Imam Khattab Chair of Islamic Studies, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Sharon Barnes, Ph.D. – Department of Women and Gender Studies
  • Amanda Bryant-Friedrich, Ph.D. – Department of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry
  • Patricia Case, Ph.D. – Department of Sociology and Anthropology
  • Elissa Falcone - College of Graduate Studies; Professional Staff Council Chair 
  • Jim Ferris - Department of Disability Studies Program       
  • Aleiah Jones – Success Coach, Jesup Scott Honors College
  • Kristen Keith, Ph.D. – Department of Economics/Faculty Senate President
  • Revathy Kumar, Ph.D. – College of Education
  • Elizabeth Lane - Hillel Greater Toledo
  • John Moore – Community Partner
  • Michael O’Brien – UT Athletic Director
  • Jamie Oxendine – Part time Instructor and Community Partner
  • Kaye Patten, Ph.D. – Division of Student Affairs
  • Anthony Quinn, Ph.D. – Department of Biological Sciences 
  • Matt Schroeder, M.B.A., Office of the President
  • Gary Thieman, UT Trustee
  • Jacob Torres, Graduate Student
  • Kathleen Walsh, University Marketing
  • Lindsay Webb, Esq – Councilperson and Community Partner

Last Updated: 10/1/19