Judith Herb College of Education

Student Engagement and Technology Committee

Charge of the Committee:

  1. Serve as a forum for student representation to present items of student interest of non-academic/non-curricular nature;
  2. Promote interdisciplinary activities within the College and support student involvement in professional and community activities;
  3. Serve as a liaison between students from the various programs within the College and between faculty and students.


Teacher Education (2021-2024): Ruslan Slutsky
Educational Studies (2021-2023): Florian Feucht
Student Member Teacher Education (2022-2023): Tiffany Rowland
Dean's Designee (non-voting): Michael Toland
Marketing, Recruitment & Communication Specialist: Taylor Yarborough (Co-Chair)
Director of the Carver Center: Josh Spieles (Co-Chair)

Request Procedure:

Technology requests can be put forward by faculty, staff, or students in the Judith Herb College of Education. Procedures can be found at the link below.


Last Updated: 1/10/23