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Licensure and Master's Program (LAMP)

 Have a Bachelor's degree in an area other than education and now you want to teach? LAMP is the program for you!

Students who hold a bachelor's degree can earn an Ohio teaching license and a Master of Education through completing the LAMP program. LAMP offers extensive focused field experiences alongside required coursework.

Some of the LAMP programs require very little undergraduate preparation while others require a background in undergraduate subject-matter coursework. The courses you have taken in your undergraduate program will determine how long it will take you to complete a LAMP program.

What Licensure Areas  are Available in LAMP?  Explore the programs linked below. 

Special education teacher and student

Early Childhood (2-3 years)

Qualifies you to teach grades PreK through Grade 5

science teacher and students

Middle Childhood (1 year)

Qualifies you to teach grades 4 through 9 in two subject areas (language arts, mathematics, science, or social studies)

AYA students

Adolescent to Young Adult (1 year)

Qualifies you to teach grades 7 through 12 in one subject area (language arts, mathematics, chemistry, Earth and space science, life science, physics, integrated science, or social studies)

 early childhood

Special Education (2 years)

Qualifies you to teach grades K-12


Visual Arts (2 years)

Qualifies you to teach visual arts in grades preK through 12

foreign language

Foreign Language (1 year)

Qualifies you to teach Chinese, French, German or Spanish in grades preK through 12


  • Admission to the College of Graduate Studies
  • Minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale
  • Minimum content area GPA of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale for your licensure area
  • Undergraduate content area coursework for your licensure area

Apply to the College of Graduate Studies. You will need to submit these materials:

  • Worksheet: Course Review Worksheet or Goals and Background Worksheet
  • Official transcripts from all institutions of higher education
  • Purpose statement describing your background and goals as well as the importance of the degree in achieving these goals
  • Resume
  • Three letters of reference

Prior to beginning classroom experiences:

  • Criminal background check
  • Acceptable scores on the Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) Content Assessment(s) for your licensure area
  • All undergraduate content area courses

Prior to applying for Ohio teaching license


 melissa spann

Melissa Spann, LAMP Advisor
Academic Advisor/Enrollment Specialist

Last Updated: 2/17/23