Chemical Engineering

Steven E. LeBlanc



Phone: +1 (419) 530-8264
Fax: +1 (419) 530-8086

The University of Toledo
Chemical Engineering (MS 305)
5012 Nitschke Hall
1610 N Westwood Ave
Toledo, Ohio 43606-3390






1976 B.S.Ch.E., University of Toledo 
1977 M.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan 
1985 Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan


Research Interests

Investigations of environmental applications of chemical engineering. Systems currently being investigated include flue gas cleanup using membrane absorbers, solid phase buffers for acid gas cleanup, and photocatalytic membrane reactors for air and water treatment. Additional interests lie in the area of the use of multimedia applications for improving chemical engineering education. The focus here is on the development of an interactive web site for engineering education.


Selected Publications

H.S. Fogler and S.E. LeBlanc, "Strategies for Creative Problem Solving," Prentice Hall, 203pgs, 1995.

H.S. Fogler and S.E. LeBlanc, "Open Ended Problems in Chemical Reaction Engineering," Prentice Hall, 122pgs, 1995.

H.S. Fogler and S.E. LeBlanc, "Interactive Creative Problem Solving," Computer Applications in Engineering Education, 4, 1996.

N. Pakala, S. Varanasi, and S.E. LeBlanc, "Citrate Based Contained Liquid Membranes for Flue Gas Desulfurization," I and EC Research, 32, p553, 1993.

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