Civil and Environmental Engineering

Graduate School Plan of Study

All Students MS students in the Civil Engineering are required to file a plan of study before the Spring Semester of their first academic year.  It is the responsibility of the student to interview faculty within the department for information on research interest and possible project and thesis ideas.  Once a student has selected a faculty advisor they must formalize their plan of student with that advisor. Only the Engineering College Plan of Study will be accepted.  The Plan of Study must be word processed and follow the following format:

  • List major department courses first.
  • Under "Department and Number," give department and course number as they were taken or are to be taken. Give the course title in the second column.
  • The term in which the course will be taken is important. The plan is not complete without this information.
  • Give the last name of the instructor of each course.
  • Write "Res" for work taken or to be taken at the University of Toledo and "Tr" for courses taken or to be taken at another institution, or Co-Op for courses taken through the Co-Op Program.
  • Complete the "Credit" column for all courses listed and total the number of credit hours to be required for the degree. (30 hours)
  • Give the grades of all courses completed.
  • Secure your advisors signature

  1. Before submitting your plan of Study to the graduate school you must submit it the Academic Program Coordinator of Graduate Director of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. It will be check for the minimum requirements, copied, filed and sent to the Engineering Graduate Research Office and the Graduate School.
  2. Students who have completed graduate hours at another institution must file official transcripts of that credit with the Graduate School before it can be approved. Students planning to take courses for graduate credit at another institution while pursuing a graduate degree at The University of Toledo must have special approval from his/her adviser. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate this transfer of credit from another university with his/her adviser.
  3. It is understood that the first plan of study filed by the student may be subject to change as he/she progresses.  However, whenever a student's plan changes it is his/her responsibility to update the plan of study or file a course substitution form.
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Last Updated: 6/30/19