Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Liangbo Hu


Associate Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Toledo
3023 Nitschke Hall
2801 W. Bancroft St
Toledo, OH 43606, USA
(1) 419-530-8124
(1) 419-530-8116





  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, 2008.
  • M.S., Civil Engineering, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, 2004.
  • B.E., Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China, 1999.


Fundamentals of geomechanics

  • Theoretical and computational soil/rock mechanics
  • Mechanics of partially saturated soils
  • Coupled thermo-hydro-chemo-mechanical processes
  • Multi-scale multi-physics approach

Engineering problems/applications

  • Oil/gas retrieval related land subsidence
  • Desiccation shrinkage and cracking of soils 
  • Expansive soil behavior
  • Geo-environmental system simulation of geohazards (sinkholes, landslides and rockfall) 
  • Energy geotechnics 


  • Statics
  • Mechanics of Materials with Lab
  • Civil Engineering Materials with Lab
  • Soil Mechanics with Lab
  • Advanced Geotechnical Engineering
  • Environmental and Energy Geotechnology


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  • Wang Z.M., Yang G.L., Yang R.D., Rawal K. and Hu L.B. 2017.  Evaluating the factors influencing limestone-dissolution characteristics in the karst regions of Guizhou, China.  Journal of Testing and Evaluation, 45(1): 220-229.

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Last Updated: 6/27/22