Civil and Environmental Engineering

Co-op Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of three cooperative education experiences before graduation. To receive full credit for each co-op experience, students must complete the following:

  1. Register for CIVE 3940:00x prior to the start of each co-op rotation. The section number of CIVE 3940 reflects which co-op experience a student is completing - CIVE 3940:001 for the first co-op, CIVE 3940:002 for the second co-op, etc.
  2. Submit the student co-op evaluation form prior to the end of each co-op rotation. Accessing this form requires a browser with 128 bit encryption.
  3. Have the immediate supervisor complete the employer co-op evaluation form prior to the end of each co-op rotation.
  4. Pay the co-op fee for each co-op assignment.

The schedule of co-op rotations is determined by the curriculum plan assigned to students during their first year. Most students are assigned to Plan A or Plan B; varsity athletes and ROTC are eligible for Plan C (summer co-ops only). FAILURE TO ADHERE TO THE ASSIGNED SCHEDULE OF CO-OP ROTATIONS MAY DELAY GRADUATION BY A YEAR OR MORE. Students that wish to switch plans or with other special circumstances must submit a written request for an individualized plan, along with supporting documentation, to the Assistant Director, Department Student Services.

The role of the Engineering Co-op office is to help students find co-op employment. However, the ultimate responsibility for obtaining a position lies with the student. This means the student must research, select, and successfully interview with companies for which they want to work. To receive placement assistance from the Engineering Co-op office, students should do the following:

  • Register for and complete the requirements of CIVE 2000 Professional Development.
  • Register with the Career Development Center to submit an updated resume and updated contact information to the co-op office at the beginning of semester.
  • Keep in regular contact with the co-op office about potential opportunities during the semester before a scheduled co-op rotation. This includes reading emails on your ENG account regularly to receive notices of available positions.
  • Inform the co-op office of all interviews, offers, and work assignments. Students must notify the co-op office if any workplace problems should arise during the co-op rotation.
Last Updated: 6/27/22