Engineering Technology

EET Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Where can I find information about admission to the Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) program?

A:  Admission information for the Universy of Toledo (UToledo) is available at our admissions page.

Q:  What are the job titles for EET graduates?

A:  EET graduates get employed as controls engineers, automation engineers, electrical engineers, power engineers, and software engineers.

Q:  What is the starting salary for EET graduates?

A:  The national average starting salary for EET graduates is $55,000-$65,000.

Q:  Who are some of the employers who hire EET graduates?

A:  GM, Ford, Matrix Technology, SSOE, Owens-Illinois, OCF

Q:  Who are some of the successful EET graduates?

Justin Fleming Commissioning Engineer TRC Companies, Inc.
James Gonya, E.I. Electrical Engineer Whirlpool Corporation
Zulema Lopez Senior Electrical Engineer JDI Group
Jessica Bollin Smith Project Engineer Johns Manville

Q:  Will the EET degree prepare me for graduate school?

A:  Yes, the EET degree will give you adequate preparation to pursue graduate studies in Electrical Engineering at the University of Toledo.

Q:  What concentrations are available for BS EET students?

A: The Department of Engineering Technology offers concentrations in Mechanical and Mechatronics for EET students.

Q:  Are there pathways to graduate programs for BS EET students?

A: Yes, see above.


Last Updated: 6/27/22