Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering


Students may choose to complete the following minors in addition to their Mechanical Engineering degrees. In most cases, Mechanical Engineering students may select technical electives or humanities, social science, and multicultural electives to partially fulfill the requirements shown below. 

*Mechanical Engineering students are not eligible for a minor in Mechatronics. This minor is only available for non-majors.  Mechanical Engineering students may, however, do a concentration in Mechatronics. 

Please consult the University of Toledo course catalog for specific coursework requirements on these and other minors:

Minor in Business 

Engineering students may earn a Minor in Business by earning a C or better in a total of six business courses (18 credit hours) and by satisfying an economics requirement. Please see the College of Business and Innovation for more details.

The College of Business and Innovation is also pleased to announce a new minor in Entrepreneurship, Small Business and Family Business for non-majors. We highly recommend this minor for any students that are considering careers in the mechanical industry. For more details, please see the Entrepreneurship minor for non-majors website.

Minor in Foreign Languages 

A minimum of 21 - 22 hours is required for the minor in French, German, Japanese or Spanish. In modern languages, all coursework must be in the same language and at the 3000-level or higher. Some courses may also be used as Humanities electives. Interested students should contact the Foreign Languages Department for more details.

Minor in Mathematics 

A minimum of 22 hours of mathematics (MATH) courses is required for a minor in Mathematics. The 22 hours must include MATH 1860, 1890, 2850, and one of 2860, 3610 OR 4680. The remaining hours must be courses that are acceptable toward a major in Mathematics and must be approved by an advisor in the Department of Mathematics. Mechanical Engineering students are required to take MATH 1850, 2850 and 2860; therefore students must take MATH 1890 and 8 hours of upper-level MATH courses that may count as technical electives. Interested students should contact the Mathematics department for more details.

Minor in Music 

A minimum of 22 hours is required for the minor in music; 25 hours is required for a minor in the Recording Arts. Students electing to pursue a minor in music must choose one of the following areas of concentration: Jazz, Instrumental, Vocal, Keyboard, Music Theory, Music History or Recording Arts. Interested students should contact the Music Department for more details.

Minor in Renewable Energy

A minimum of 21 hours is required for the minor in renewable energy. The 21 hours must include PHYS 3400, GEPL/EEES 2200, CHEM 3810, ECON 3240 or PSC 4340, a minimum of 3 hours of approved coops in a renewable energy related area and 6 hours of other approved courses. Interested students should visit the Department of Physics and Astronomy website for more details.

Last Updated: 9/1/21