Facilities and Construction

Renewable Energy

Aerial Scott Park solar fieldSolar Energy 

  • 1.12 MW, 8 acre solar field and a 10 kWh Xunlight paneled roof display at Scott Park Campus which generated 26% of Scott Park's energy needs in FY 2012
  • Physics & Astronomy maintains three solar systems:
    • 20 polysilicon panels connected in series, capable of generating about 1000W of instantaneous power outside McMaster Hall on Main Campus
    • 6 kW roof mounted array on top of University Computing Center on Main Campus
    • 6 kW ground mounted array outside of R1 Building on Main Campus
    • Live data here

Wind Turbine Scott Park CampusWind Energy

  • 80 kWh two-blade at Scott Park Campus
  • 4 kWh helical wind turbine at Scott Park Campus



Cogneration PlantCogeneration

  • First of it's kind in North America
  • Installed to provide clean and independent electricity to the University Computing Center on Main Campus
  • Four natural-gas turbines that spool up to 96,000 revolutions per minute to generate 260 kilowatts of electricity, providing continuous power to the university's critical data center
  • Instead of being vented off into the air, the heat those turbines produce is captured and will be used to heat and cool the building as well as to heat the pool in the nearby recreation center



Last Updated: 6/5/17