Facilities and Construction

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Current Phase

Anticipated Bid Date

Roads, Bridges, & Walkways FY 23/24

Installation of new pedestrian bridge and additional walkways from the Engineering Campus to the eastern edge of the academic core of campus. Pre-fabricated truss bridge has been purchased separately by UToledo.

Design February 2024

ADA Upgrades FY 23/24

Project will address restroom accessibility.

Design February 2024

Space Replacement/Consolidation FY 23/24

In continuation of the University’s efforts to consolidate space and reduce the overall square footage of campus, this work will concentrate on the demolition of Palmer Hall following the renovations in North Engineering. Demolition was previously bid. Upcoming project includes Quad site development including sidewalks and landscaping.

Design March 2024

HEB Biomedical Research Facilities Renovations

Renovation of the Department of Laboratory Animal Resources, the Department of Medical 
Microbiology and Immunology bio-safety level 3, and animal BSL3 laboratories in the 
basement of the Health Education Building (HEB).

Design April 2024
Last Updated: 2/15/24