Office of Student Financial Aid

Scholarship Essay Tips

  • Follow instructions: Read the prompt carefully. Then read it again. After you complete your essay, read the prompt once more. Does your statement respond to all parts of the prompt?
  • Make a coherent statement:  Does the content of your essay help develop a main idea? Can you give examples from your personal experience that support the point you’re making? Does your essay provide enough compelling detail to stand out from the many other submissions the review committee will read?
  • Be mindful of the word count: Have you used the word count to your advantage? Do your best to meet the word count while also being concise. If your essay is significantly under the word limit, consider whether your statement is a thorough response to the prompt.
  • Proofread:  Did you express yourself in complete sentences? Is your essay punctuated? Did you check for mistakes in grammar and spelling? Treat your application essay as academic writing.
  • Ask for help: There are resources available to assist you. Allowing someone else to critique your writing can uncover mistakes and help you express your ideas clearly. When in doubt, consult with your success coach or schedule an appointment at the writing center.
Last Updated: 11/1/19