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Collegiate Mock Trial gives students interested in the legal process an opportunity to work with a variety of professors from the University of Toledo, professionals in the legal field, and other students at the university.



Not only does this offer students interested in the legal field the opportunity to further their education, it also allows team members to create connections with students, faculty, and professionals from around the country. Even if a career in the legal profession isn’t in your future, Collegiate Mock Trial offers many advantages such as university involvement, networking opportunities, and experience and direction concerning public speaking.

Students in all disciplines can develop confidence in public speaking skills that can pave the way for a successful career in a variety of fields. For example, Mock Trial provides theatre students competitive acting opportunities in a courtroom. Toledo Mock Trial’s goal is to provide an opportunity for personal growth and achievement. The team also helps its members to learn more about trial and courtroom procedure, and gives them the opportunity to compete on a national level with other colleges. Over the course of the season, team members will get the opportunity to travel to several universities to compete at tournaments with other teams from around the region and the country.


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The McQuade Courtroom is a state of the art Mock Trial courtroom that includes audio and visual tools that are helpful to learn the effect that advancements in technology have had on trial practice. The McQuade Courtroom was generously donated to the university by Mr. and Mrs. Richard McQuade and serves as both a meeting place for the Mock Trial team as well as a draw for teams from other universities who would like the opportunity to work in a realistic environment.

If you are interested in public speaking, if you have ever wondered about the inner workings of litigation and trial procedure, or if you just enjoy new and challenging activities, come and see what Collegiate Mock Trial has to offer.

If you are interested in participating in Collegiate Mock Trial, want additional information about Collegiate Mock Trial, or just want to know how you can help, please contact John Schlageter, III at

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Last Updated: 6/29/23