Master of Public Health Program


Complete instructions and guidance for the Internship in Public Health can be found in the MPH Handbook - Internships found at this link and at the link in the left menu.

MPH students are responsible for securing internship sites. Advisors have lists of sites secured for previous internships and can advise students. An internship requires a contract that lists foundational and major competencies that will be addressed during the internship. Internships require a minimum of 300 hands-on hours for completion. The internship supervisor provides an evaluation of the student's performance during the internship. For internship contracts and internship evaluations, contact your advisor directly.

Students must complete an online Internship Seminar before an over-ride for registration is granted. The seminar can be taken at anytime during the MPH before registering for the internship or project. Instructions for taking the online seminar can be found by clicking this link.

Registration and credits for internships may be spread over one, two or three semesters. Internships must be completed before or during the final semester when PUBH 6950 Integrative Learning Experience is taken.

Each student is required to present their internship experience at the end of the semester of completion. The presentation is made to the advisors and MPH peers. Instructions and expectations of the presentation can be found at this link.

Foundational and major competencies can be found at this link.

Last Updated: 6/27/22