Master of Public Health Program

MPH Dual Degree Programs at the University of Toledo

Students enrolled in the M.P.H. degree may combine the degree with other masters programs within the University of Toledo. These advanced degrees will prepare professionals in a variety of specialties. Dual degree programs allow the sharing of up to 12 semester credit hours.

The following dual degree programs are available: 

This program combines a medical degree with a Master of Public Health. Graduates of this program have an M.D. and M.P.H. For more information, contact Dr. Brian Fink, 419.383.4817,

This degree combination combines a law degree with a Master of Public Health. Graduates have a JD and an MPH. The College of Law at the University of Toledo will work closely with students to accommodate interdisciplinary studies. For more information, contact Dr. Sheryl Milz, 419.383.3976.

A Master of Business Administration and a Master of Public Health are combined in this program.

Learn more about the MPH/MBA degree

The Master of Public Health may be combined with the Master of Science in Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene major. Click here for required courses for this dual degree.  For information about the MPH/MSOH dual degree, contact Dr. April Ames, 419.383.5341,, or Dr. Sheryl Milz, 419.383.3976,

Other Dual Degree Programs
Should the student want to combine the M.P.H. with another master degree program, the M.P.H. program will work with the student to accommodate the interdisciplinary studies in that additional degree.

Last Updated: 6/27/22