CHHS Student Computing

How-To Guides

Below are training videos and how-to documentation that provide instruction for technology and services available in the Health and Human Service building. For your viewing convenience, you may click on the YouTube links to watch these videos in fullscreen at If you'd like to see more of these videos or have suggestions for future training videos, please contact us at 419.530.5312 or stop by our office in HH 2400A.


Turning Point Clickers (How-To Document) (Video)

Smartboard (How-To Document) (Video)

Panasonic Whiteboard (Coming Soon)



 WebEx (How-To Document)



Submitting an IT Service Request (How-To Document)



Migration of H Drive Files (IT's How-To Resource)

Installing Office with Office 365 (IT's How-To Document)








Last Updated: 6/27/22