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We are proud to work with a diverse range of innovative entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of their respective industries. Our incubator program provides a supportive environment for startups to grow, learn, and develop their ideas into successful businesses. Our clients have access to resources such as mentorship, networking opportunities, and funding to help them achieve their goals. We believe in fostering a community of collaboration and support among our clients, as we recognize the importance of connecting with like-minded individuals. We are excited to showcase the talented individuals on our client list and their unique contributions to the entrepreneurial world.

In-House Tenant Businesses


    • Neurology researchers at the University of Toledo have pioneered a groundbreaking Telestroke eye examination device, enabling precise assessment of visual fields and eye movement monitoring without requiring an attendant at the patient's bedside. A custom-made eye visor is placed on the patient's head. Equipped with a camera  isdirected at the wearer's eyes, the device facilitates remote evaluation of the patient's field of vision without the need for direct observation of eye movements. Complementing this innovation, a mobile application assists practitioners in camera control, light synchronization, real-time data collection on eye movement, and wireless communication between the device and the practitioner. Moreover, the device seamlessly integrates with existing Telestroke apps and software. Visit the MEDevicE website >>

Learn Kernel

    • An innovative educational tool to help combat the digital and educational divide. Learn Kernel was created after the onset of COVID-19 due to the effects of worldwide prolonged school closure with the primary goal of improving access to information and education in underserved areas to promote healthy, informed and thriving communities. Visit the Learn Kernel website >>

Solscient Energy

    • Ohio’s fully integrated solar energy finance and development company. They design, develop, install, own, and operate solar energy systems on commercial rooftops or other locations, which provide clean, renewable energy while reducing energy costs. Visit the Solscient website >>


    • Digital thinkhub that progresses the narrative of the Midwest by incubating bright, diverse, and interdisciplinary thinkers to exchange ideas and envision the future of our region through multimedia storytelling and solutions-oriented research. Visit the Midstory website >>

Recombinant Innovation

    • Offers expertise in formulation chemistry with core competency in metalworking fluids. We've expanded into a wide range of applications and found approaches, techniques, and molecules used in one industry can often solve intractable problems in another.

Applied Environmental Solutions

    • Environmental technology and services company focused on solving water concerns. If you have a water source that has exposure to contaminants, we offer customized solutions to address (EPA) and local compliance demands. Visit the Applied Environmental Solutions website >>


    • Health digitalizing company developing a socially-oriented,  web-integrated, health recording software and mobile application. The software will be capable of monitoring medications, vaccination, health related activities, analyzing data and generating minimal preventive recommendations and acting as an emergency response system. Visit the Brilydal website >>

Little Elephant Custom Vinyl

    • Provides lathe-cut records by using specialized feedback cutterheads to control resonant frequencies - permitting louder cuts, less distortion, and flatter frequency response. This produces custom, stereo, vinyl records that sound comparable to traditional pressed records, but with a shorter turnaround time. Visit the Little Elephant Custom Vinyl website >>


    • Optebiz helps manufacturing companies decrease production lead time. Save time in data collection, analysis and retrieval with automated data acquisition devices. Optebiz software solutions offer intelligence to optimize delivery operation, speeding processes. Visit the Optebiz website >>


    • The company is producing synthetic bone graft substitutes that are intended to fill gaps or voids in the skeletal system during orthopedic surgery. Once in place, the product facilitates new bone growth in just six weeks. Visit the OsteoNovus website >>

Atlas Energy Group

    • Atlas Energy Group helps our clients reduce or eliminate their electric bills with solar energy systems and energy efficiency retrofits. We are Ohio’s largest turnkey solar energy provider to small and medium enterprises. Our in-house team takes care of every part of your project, including, permitting, financing, engineering, installation, O&M.  Visit the Atlas Energy Group website >>

Intensive Incubator Clients

Cahoot (Apotheosis Technologies)

    • Cahoot is a digital experience platform designed to streamline communication and help you reach the largest audience possible. Simplify how your team, business, or non-profit organization can aggregate and manage information with our "create once, publish everywhere" design. Visit the Cahoot website >>

Robotic Maintenance Vehicle (R.M.V)

    • RMV performs faster and more accurate road maintenance, reducing the amount of equipment and labor needed, conserving material and money, and keeping workers out of harm’s way.  Visit the RMV website >>


    • Opendemia simplifies the entire research and writing process for individual students and group projects. The platform helps users take higher-quality notes, keep everything organized, autogenerate in-text citations and full works cited, and create an outline for the entire paper. Visit the Opendemia website >>


    • necoTECH is an award-winning startup on a mission to help the infrastructure market transition to a more sustainable future. Through advanced automation of pavement maintenance activities, data-driven decision-making, and innovative sustainable materials. Visit the necoTECH website >>

Courtesy Cups


    • AdopTracell is developing an innovative technology with the capability to regulate the immune system and restore immune homeostasis through the use of genetically-engineered chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) immune regulatory T-cells (Tregs). These purposefully designed cells counteract toxic immune cells and allow for healing. Visit the AdopTracell website >>


    • Kandoop is a platform that has been designed to give you the power to view your content however works best for youSticky notes that stay where you put them, or a Pinterest-style Flow board, Kanban cards-in-columns, or even a custom news feed. Visit the Kandoop website >> 


    • The Dishtory app allows users to record, save and share family members’ recipes in their own voice, so they can create, plate and curate home-cooked creations with the people who matter most. Visit the Dishtory website >>


    • RealizAbility is a full-service prototype development engineering firm committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions for clients' unique product development needs. With expertise in a variety of industries and a comprehensive approach to prototype development, their staff provide end-to-end services, from ideation to manufacturing. Visit the RealizAbility website >>

The Koolpad

    • The Koolpad is a durable, easy-to-use case with ice pack compartment that surrounds electronic devices, cooling and maintaining a temperature keeping the device operatable in the heat. The case, when used with the Koolbrick cooling pack, provides a mess-free solution to keep your device working for up to approximately 2 to 4 hours in extreme heat. Visit the Koolpad website >> 

(Bite-R) Artic Bites

    • The evidence-based tactile cueing device helps speech therapists train their child and adolescent patients master the "R" sound by establishing proper lip rounding, jaw stability, and tongue elevation and tension. Visit the Bite-R website >> 


    • Cafilia has created a local partnership network and subscription plan for coffee enthusiasts in the Cleveland area. Members can customize a monthly plan and even add additional cups of coffee from the secure account on the Cafilia website. Focused on sustainability, the Cafilia glass tumblers are reusable and have a unique code that can be scanned at participating shops, allowing members to redeem their coffee with a digital "wallet".   Visit the Cafilia website >> 

The Original Doggie Bra

    • This patented vest is expertly designed to protect the sensitive nipples of your nursing or weaning dog. The product features a revolutionary, custom-designed fabric that's not only soft and breathable but also durable, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial.  Contouring perfectly to your dog's body, she'll receive snug, yet comfortable support free from the friction or abrasion. The protective padding is soft, flexible and breathable, offering excellent comfort while reducing the risk of skin irritations or infections. Visit the Original Doggie Bra website >> 


    • NexFence is a state-of-the-art fencing system that helps to prevent rot and deterioration. Our patented hybrid fence post combines a traditional treated wood top structure with a heavy duty composite base that resists moisture, pests, decay, and rotting. Visit the NexFence website >> 

Appian Quotes

    • Still in development, theplatform will aggregate and compare multiple services proposals for customers the Tool and Die industry.

Altered Gravity

    • Details about the entrepreneur and proprietary technology are unable to be released at this time. 


    • EventPin is a revolutionary platform disrupting the way users market and discover events. It's the first platform to focus on organic event discovery and put the power of the search completely within the user’s hands. Visit the EventPin website >>


    • The Jaberu system provides comprehensive information on the status of the basement sump and pumps, and sends notifications within five seconds of pump failure or failure to lower the sump level. The system eliminates sump pump switches, which are a common cause of pump failure, and has redundant controls for each pump, allowing for millions of cycles with regular testing.

Gobi At Ease

    • Details about the entrepreneur and proprietary technology are unable to be released at this time.

Five Point Makery

    • Details about the entrepreneur and proprietary technology are unable to be released at this time.

Our team is also working with many other startups located throughout Northern Ohio. 

Incubator Graduates


    • Ohio-based medical device company that has designed and patented intellectual property in the development of an Extended Reality Surgical Navigation with intended use in ablation and biopsy of cancerous tumors.


    • More than just another container deployment tool, Cycle does it all. With features like geographic DNS load balancing, auto-scaling, and automated SSL certificates for all containers, Cycle makes it easier to build, scale, secure, and monitor your applications all in one unified platform.


    •  Multi-purpose tool tray that will keep your tools and hardware in place, no matter where you want to put them. We pride ourselves on developing innovative products that strike the perfect balance between functionality and usability to meet our customer’s diverse and demanding needs. 


    •  A beautiful, intuitive broadcast studio powered by the cloud. Simple enough for anyone to get started in minutes. Powerful enough to take any broadcaster to the next level. There is simply nothing else like us.


    • A uniquely designed and highly transportable photo station and software ecosystem, which together provides event guests a fun, photo entertainment experience, and social sharing avenue through smartphones and the web, all in real-time. The combination of the twineSTUDIO photo station and twineLIVE app creates a hub for a customized event-based social network for each event. 


    • Software that enables users to send highly targeted and relevant message to  subscribers at the right time in the right place with web push notifications.

Our team is also working with many other startups located throughout Northern Ohio. If you're interested in learning more, submit our service request form by clicking the button below and a member of our team will reach out and schedule an introduction meeting. 

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