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Each student’s print quota amount is allocated by the College they are currently attending.  These quotas are set by the College, 8 days prior to the start of Fall, Spring, and Summer I semesters.  Leftover quota will NOT be rolled over to the next semester.

Use the buttons below to find your current quota and if you are running low on quota and would like to purchase 1,000 more for $20.  Print quotas are NOT affected per page.  Printing in color/grayscale or simplex/duplex will affect your quota differently.  See the below chart for more details.

Current Quota quota
Extra Purchase

If you have any issues printing or would like a refund to your quota because of a jammed printer, please submit a ticket to our helpdesk.  Please be sure to add the the date/time of releasing the print job, the ComDoc ID listed on the front of the printer, and the title of the document.  After verification that the document was not produced, your quota will be refunded. 

To verify that your refund has been applied, use the current quota button above and click on Recent Print Jobs located on the left.  A refunded status will be displayed for that print job.

Student workers and Graduate Assistants can print to their department account instead of using their personal quota.  Ask your supervisor to grant you access to their department shared account.  You will be prompted at the time of printing, if you would like to charge that print job to your personal account or the department shared account you have access to.  If your department does not have a shared account, please have them submit a ticket to the helpdesk to have one created.

Click the button below for more information on shared accounts.

Shared Account Information

Last Updated: 6/27/22