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Copier and Printer Support

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The University of Toledo currently supports ComDoc copier and printer machines.  ComDoc machines have the same basic features; they can copy, print, scan and fax.  We have procured four basic models with several optional add on features.  To pay for the program, each department is cross charged for their monthly usage.  The contact information for support services is below. 

Each semester The University of Toledo provides students with a print quota that is determined by their college.  Students have the option to increase their quota in units of 1,000.  Print quotas are valid for the current semester and expire on the last Friday of exam week.  The quota can be used to print or make copies on our multi-functional devices (copiers and printers).  To purchase additional print quota, please click here.

ComDoc Machines
Main Campus and Health Science Campus
Service Please contact the Help Desk for any ComDoc request. MC    419.530.2400
HSC  419.383.2400
Student Employee Printing For all student employees who need to print as part of the student job outside of using their student print quota. Instructions
New Machine Request
Non-capital Project
For a new machine, please complete the new machine form New Machine Form 
New Machine Request
Capital Project
When you begin planning a renovation, please contact Cassie Mynihan from Auxiliary Services.  She will be able to help you determine the best size, mode of machine, and purchase price to be included in your capital request. By including Auxiliary Services early we can make sure that you have the technology installed and working in time for your grand opening. New Machine Form
Equipment Moves
  • Place an IT Help Desk Ticket - letting us know where the device is and where it needs to be moved to.
  • If the device is no longer needed, let us know that as well, we will move it back to the general inventory stock.
  • Please understand, these devices are leased and cannot be moved by anyone other than a COMDOC employee.  If they are moved by an employee/student/affiliate, the department will be billed for any cost (parts/repairs) associated with repairing the device.
MC    419.530.2400
HSC  419.383.2400
Supplies There is a routine supply schedule, however we understand there will be times when a machine may run low due to heavy usage.  Covered in our contract includes:  paper, staples, and toner.  You will need to dial the internal number if  you need supplies.  Staff are responsible for filling the machines with these supplies.

The UT/MFD copier program supplies white 20# letter and legal paper.  Any paper, outside of these two options is needed,  the department will be responsible for procuring.
MC    419.530.2400
HSC  419.383.2400
Low Toner Message When the MFD equipment notifies the users/operators with a “low toner" message, the device is letting the user know that the toner is within 10% (smaller devices) and 7 days (larger devices) of running out.

Toner replacement will be ordered automatically. Use this notification to make sure you have a spare toner available if needed.
MC    419.530.2400
HSC  419.383.2400
Insurance Claim for a damaged copier If your ComDoc copier sustained physical or liquid damage, the department needs to complete the attached form and place an IT Help Desk Ticket.  Physical/Liquid Damage Form
Last Updated: 3/11/24