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Carl Joseph Galleries

The Carlson Library has three gallery spaces on its 5th floor dedicated to educating viewers on Toledo's industrial history and struggle for worker's rights. Each gallery showcases a piece of this history using large scale prints of historical photos and was purposely created for the exhibition of artwork reflecting the continued struggle. These beautiful spaces were funded by the Joseph family of Toledo in remembrance Carl Joseph, a brother and uncle who dedicated his life fighting for worker's rights before joining the military and later dying at Normandy fighting for his country.

Each gallery has high ceilings, skylights, and a 23'x6' wall for exhibition. Located off the main floor and utilizing large open arched doorways these galleries are easily accessible with excellent visibility. Each utilizes an art hanging system allowing for easy setup and takedown.

If you would like more information regarding exhibiting your work, please contact Judson Lohman, Event Coordinator at 419.530.5479.

Toledo Glass Industry Gallery

Glass Industry Gallery

Glass Industry Gallery close up

Glass Industry Gallery Exhibit Space

Toledo Labor Movement Gallery

Toledo Labor Movement Gallery

Toledo Labor Movement Gallery Close Up

Toledo Labor Movement Gallery Display Space


Toledo War Effort Gallery

Toledo War Effort Gallery

Toledo War Effort Gallery Close Up

Toledo War Effort Gallery Display Wall

Exhibition Policies
  • Exhibitions are limited to UToledo students, faculty, and staff.
  • Exhibitions will be limited to one semester including setup and takedown.
  • Exhibition proposals must be submitted one month prior to beginning of the semester.
  • An exhibition contract will be extended to accepted proposals.
  • Artist will be responsible for the delivery and setup of exhibition. All art must hang using the hanging system provided.
  • Exhibitions must include a brief description, artist bio, and artist statement.
  • At time of install an art inventory and condition evaluation will be conducted.
  • Exhibited artwork will be for the intended purpose to educate, inform, and entertain. Artwork cannot be sold or removed from exhibit during the exhibition period.
  • Artist will be responsible for all promotions and include plans in the proposal. All exhibits must be properly promoted to the UToledo community (UToledo Online, Invonet, library and departmental social media, other).
  • Work exhibited does not have to follow the theme of the room, but artists should be aware of the effect it may have on their exhibition.
  • Artist will provide the library a list of artworks being exhibited along with medium and dimensions.
  • The library will not be liable for lost, stolen, or damaged artwork.
  • Gallery spaces are monitored by security cameras and regular walk-throughs by library staff.

Last Updated: 4/4/23