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Experiential Learning at Carlson Library

An Experiential Learning Artist painting a cityscape mural on the 2nd floor of Carlson Library.What better way to build upon those skills learned in the classroom than through an experiential learning program offered by the University Libraries?

We, at the University Libraries, are honored to offer experiential learning programs to students majoring in Visual Arts, English, and History. These opportunities allow students to take classroom knowledge and expand upon it by being charged with challenging projects in a supportive, real-world work setting. 

Examples of work accomplished through the experiential learning include the beautiful murals on the first and second floor of the Library, the restoration of the large topographical globe located on the third floor, our UToledo Press books, and the in-depth and educational exhibits hosted by Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections.   

In addition to honing technical skills, these learning opportunities give students the ability to exercise skills vital to succeeding in the workplace, such as creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, communication, and accountability.

Experiential Learning Call for Submissions

The Carlson Library will once again be offering a paid experiential learning opportunity for the 2023 academic school year. This is an opportunity for one or two (working as a team) visual art students to create a large scale public art piece within the Carlson Library. This is an opportunity to build upon artistic skills and grow in the areas of creativity, design, problem solving, collaboration, reflection, time management, budgeting, material procurement, etc. In addition, the Carlson Library boasts gate counts nearing one million visitors per year, ensuring a large audience and promotional opportunities.     


This year’s program will center around the creation of a mural in celebration of the University’s sesquicentennial. Artists will be asked to create a mural approximately 39’ x 8.5’ depicting the evolution of the University over the last 150 years. The mural will be located on the south side of Carlson’s second floor, an area heavily trafficked with exceptional visibility. Experts in UToledo history will be available to answer questions and aid in content creation as needed. Throughout this process the library will document the experience and provide it as e-portfolio content to the artists at the end of the experience. Artists will be required to participate in promotional opportunities at various times throughout the year.  

Artists accepted will be hired as student employees by the University Libraries for the FY23 academic year. Although the mural project will be the primary project assignment, additional responsibilities will be required. For more information please read the 2023 Program Guidelines.

Artist Qualifications for Submission:  

The University Libraries’ Experiential Learning opportunity is open to all UToledo Visual Arts students.  

Application Process:

  • Students interested in submitting a proposal to create artwork in the library are encouraged to visit the specific artwork site prior to drafting the submission. The site is located on the south side of Carlson’s second floor and is clearly marked as the FY23 mural location.  
  • All submission packets must first be submitted to the Department of Art Chair and the Head of Studio for review prior to submitting to the Library. Initial proposals do not need to include fully fleshed out designs, but should be well thought out, designed for the specific location in the Carlson Library, and include a sketch with enough detail that others can understand the vision. A materials budget must be included with the proposal.  
  • Submission proposals for 22-23 school year must be centered around the University’s sesquicentennial (the library will make research materials available for student use).   
  • Artist proposals are due September 30, 2022. Packets may be dropped off at the Library Circulation desk addressed to David Remaklus, or submitted online using the Experiential Learning Submission Form.  

Submission packets must include the following:

  • Artist Application
  • Resume
  • Narrative describing design concept
  • Design

Selection Criteria: 

First round interviews will be granted based on the quality and content of proposals, as well as overall design.


Questions? Please contact David Remaklus, Director of Operations, University Libraries, at

Last Updated: 7/15/22