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Learning Specialist

The Learning Specialist is a professional educator with expertise in adult learning theory and student development theory who provides personalized academic support through individualized academic coaching sessions and facilitated workshops. Learning Specialists have a deep understanding of effective educational practices and facilitate workshops to enrich the academic experience.

Learning Specialists address a broad array of topics, including acclimation to increased academic demand, exploration of new learning strategies, self-directed learning, critical thinking, integration of knowledge and skills, standardized testing, to prepare future health professionals for the completion of licensing board exams and clinical practice.

Academic Coaching Session

Using the American Medical Association's Master Adaptive Learner coaching model, Learning Specialists use reflective questions to guide and empower students to become self-regulated learners, life-long learners.

Planning Stage: The Learning Specialist will guide students to plan for academic exploration and achievement by identifying gaps in knowledge or skills, goal-setting, prioritizing, and using appropriate resources. 

Learning Stage: The Learning Specialist will model foundational study strategies, assist in identifying effective learning strategies specific to goals, and encourage critical thinking for long-term retention.

Assessing Stage: The Learning Specialist will encourage learners to grow into self-regulated learners using self-assessment strategies rooted in reflection, formative and summative evidence, and external feedback.

Adjusting Stage: The Learning Specialist will provide the learner with a safe space to reflect through honest conversation with realistic adjustments to the previous stages.

Student Role

Students seek academic coaching for a variety of reasons.  Students are expected to play an active role in the coaching process by providing insight to strengths and weaknesses, identifying potential barriers, and remaining honest with themselves and their Learning Specialist.

schedule an appointment

Appointments can be made through the  scheduling page. Availability includes in-person and virtual with some evening and weekend hours.

Students are welcome to stop by Mulford Library 029 for drop-in availability during Academic Enrichment Center business hours.

For quick questions students can reach out to Sarah Cullum via Microsoft Teams Chat.

Last Updated: 6/11/24