Academic Enrichment Center (AEC)

FAQ & Guidelines

How quickly can I reserve an appointment time with a Learning Specialist or Wellness Coach?

Appointments can be booked weeks, days and up to 30 minutes prior to an open slot.

How far in advance can I reschedule/cancel an appointment?

The AEC expects students to respect the time of staff and peers. Any need to reschedule/cancel an appointment should be done 24 hours in advance if possible.

What is the best way to make an appointment?

Making an appointment with an AEC staff member is easy! Links are located in all UT email signatures and on our website. You can go to the following websites: Learning Specialist - or or a Wellness Coach -

Can I walk into the AEC?

Absolutely. Always feel free to walk in the AEC. There is often confusion if someone is in a meeting. To avoid this, staff members doors will be Open if they are free and Closed if they are in a meeting.

How do I become a Peer Leader or Ambassador?

Students wishing to be employed by the Academic Enrichment Center will apply for available positions in February for the following academic year.  An application and faculty endorsed recommendations are required before an interview is extended in March or April. Due to the competitiveness of these positions, not all students will be extended an employment offer.

What happens if I miss an appointment with an AEC staff member?

If you fail to show up to an appointment scheduled with an AEC staff member, you will be required to meet with the AEC director within 72 hours before rescheduling or seeking additional services. If you fail to meet with the AEC director in this time frame a professionalism violation will be completed.

What happens if I miss an appointment with an individual tutor?

If you fail to show up to an individual tutoring appointment or cancel at the last minute (without a valid reason), you will be required to meet with the AEC director within 72 hours. At this time, it will be decided if individual tutoring services will continue to be provided. If you fail to meet with the AEC director in this timeframe a professionalism violation will be completed.

Are my meetings confidential? Will they be shared with administration? Academic record?

All meetings with AEC professional staff and student employees are protected by FERPA. All meeting notes are held internally with the AEC, not institutionally and are not on your academic record; however, programs can request service dates/times/utilization if a student is going through an academic review process (ex. Promotions Committee).[SK2] 

Is individual tutoring available?

Individual tutoring will only be granted after a student has exhausted all other resources (group review, study strategies, faculty assistance, etc.). AEC staff will determine the need for individual tutoring on a case by case basis and will grant a predetermined amount of assistance based on staffing availability only for the current system/semester. If individual tutoring is requested/approved, some academic information may be shared with a Peer Leader to enhance the tutoring experience.

What is the difference between a Wellness Coach & Mental Health Counselor?

A Wellness Coach can provide a listening ear when you need to talk and can help problem-solve with the student to navigate difficult life experiences. The Wellness Coach does not provide any therapy. Sometimes students need “someone” because a life situation arises, but does not feel they need mental health counseling. The Wellness Coach is designed to fill that gap; however, if it is recognized a student needs assistance outside the scope of practice of Wellness, a student will be connected to the appropriate mental health resources.

Who should utilize the AEC? Is it only available for students with academic concerns?

The AEC is used by everyone. Students range from proactive students wanting to maintain or improve grades to those who are experiencing academic challenges. Students can choose what services/how often they use the AEC.

Does the AEC have access to grades?

Each program/college provides different information to the AEC. Some programs provide grades and others do not.

If I have a mental health concern, should I reach out to the AEC?

The AEC does not have experts in the mental health field; however, if a student needs help locating a mental health resource or does not know how to begin the process, they are welcome to make an appointment with the Wellness Coach for assistance.

What is FERPA?

You can find information about FERPA here

Please note: Legitimate Educational Interest
What is "legitimate educational interest"? In accordance with FERPA, a school official has a legitimate educational interest if the official needs to review an education record in order to fulfill his/her professional responsibility. This includes such purposes as:

  • performing appropriate tasks that are specified in her/his position description or by a contract agreement
  • performing a task related to a student's education;
  • performing a task related to the discipline of a student;
  • providing services for the student or the student's family, such as health care, counseling, job placement, or financial aid.
Last Updated: 6/21/22