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Peer review is an academic support program which provides peer-led content review on courses identified as historically challenging for students. Nearly all health professional students proactively use peer review sessions as an opportunity to gauge understanding and identify gaps in their knowledge to prepare for assessments.

Frequency of sessions and number of supported courses is dependent upon program needs and can vary across colleges. Peer review sessions are held virtually and in-person throughout the the Main and Health Science Campuses. Detailed information regarding review sessions can be found in program calendars.

Calendars: Calendars will be updated and available at the start of the 2023-2024 academic year

College of Medicine and Life Sciences

MD Year M1 Peer Review Calendar - Add the Academic Enrichment Center Peer Reveiw Calendar via your Outlook Calendar

MD Years M2-M3 Peer Review Calendar

Medical Sciences program Peer Review Calendar

Physician Assistant Peer Review Calendar

MSBS-MS Peer Review Calendar

Graduate Studies- Anatomy Review Calendar

Individual Tutoring

Individual tutoring is provided by student Peer Leaders and is available to book via the AEC Bookings page.  If you have any questions about individual tutoring, please email

Peer Leaders

Peer Leaders are academically accomplished students who have successfully completed the coursework they support. Peer Leaders experience a rigorous application and on-boarding process which includes a competitive interview, review session simulation, two faculty recommendations and extensive training in educational pedagogy.

Peer Leaders are traditionally hired in the spring between their first and second year of their program. Inquiries regarding employement can be sent to


Last Updated: 1/12/24