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There are a myriad of resources for flow cytometry on the web. We have compiled a small list that should provide both a solid introduction to flow cytometry for those with little to no experience as well as a good starting point for those in need of help or further insights into more complex applications.

UT Flow Cytometry Facility has a number of vendor contacts in the cytometry industry. They provide service and pricing for reagents and equipment for use in flow cytometry and immunofluorescence microscopy. These individuals are always ready to help or answer any questions, technical or otherwise, about products, assays, or cytometry workflow and optimization.

Andy Oberszyn, MS
Account Manager, Immunocytometry Systems/Pharmingen
BD Biosciences, www.bdbiosciences.com
Phone: 614.785.0924 or 1.800.451.4557 ext 1677
Thomas Williams
Marketing and Business Development Manager, Technical Applications Specialist
BioLegend, www.biolegend.com
Phone: 610.715.0252or 1.858.768.5833
Jerry Aultz
Account Manager
eBioscience, www.ebioscience.com
Phone: 619.415.6458 or 1.888.999.1371

Many companies provide easy-to-use tools to help in your flow cytometry experiments including spectra vierwers, reagent catalogs, and tutorials:
-Spectra viewers are excellent interactive tools made freely available on the web. With a spectra viewer, you can better plan your experiments, optimize your assay and minimize bleed over and color compensation or find new reagents that might better suit your needs.
-Reagent catalogs are lists of vendor reagents that suggest useful combinations of antibody stains and controls based on your initial selections.
-Interactive, self-paced tutorials are always close at hand allowing you to review key ideas of the flow cytometric processes. These span the introductory knowledge base demonstrating some of the most basic principals as well as more complex ideas in flow cytometry.


BD Biosciences
"Whether you're just getting started with flow, designing an advanced multicolor assay, or looking for a simpler way to set up and optimize your instruments, we offer tools and information to help you along the way."

Fluorescence Spectrum Viewer "Find the fluorochromes you'll need in your multicolor experiment based on the flow cytometer that you're using and compensation trade-offs."
Absorption and Emission Spectra "Mouse over the spectrum to see the range of emission spectra and to read a description of each of the fluorochromes in the BD product line."
BD FACSelect™ Multicolor Panel Designer "Build a panel of reagents based on the species, specificities or clones, and colors of interest."
Multicolor Antibody Reagents Catalog "Choose from our extensive portfolio of high-quality fluorescent-conjugated reagents to build your multicolor panels."
Introduction to Flow Cytometry Tutorial This course is designed to define key flow cytometry terms; describe and explain key flow cytometry principles; discuss the components and functions of the fluidics, optics, and electronics systems; explain how data is analyzed; and describe the sorting process on flow cytometers.



Life Technologies (Invitrogen/Molecular Probes®)
"Get the most out of your research with flow cytometry tutorials, protocols optimized for flow cytometry, and application notes to learn tips and tricks to help optimize your flow cytometry experimental results."

Fluorescence SpectraViewer "Compare spectra from multiple Molecular Probes® dyes for the optimal multicolor experiment."
Flow Cytometry Protocols "Pursue every angle with protocols optimized for flow cytometry."
Flow Cytometry Application Notes & Literature "Learn tips and tricks to help optimize your flow cytometry experimental results"
Flow Cytometry Catalog "Get access to all Invitrogen flow cytometry reagents with the 2010-2011 flow cytometry catalog. Find the right reagents, instrumentation, and accessories: antibodies, streptavidin conjugates, and antibody labeling; instrument controls & standards; and much more!"
Fluorescence Tutorials "Fluorescence-based techniques are valuable tools for studying cellular structure and function, and interactions of molecules in biological systems. Fluorescence is also important in the detection and quantitation of nucleic acids and proteins in gel electrophoresis, microarrays, and fluorescence spectroscopy."




Fluorescence Spectra Analyzer "BioLegend's Fluorescence Spectra Analyzer is useful for the analysis of excitation and emission spectra of commonly used fluorochromes for flow cytometry. Unlike other fluorescence spectra tools on the internet, this Analyzer does not use Java, which allows it to work well on the iPhone and iPad, viewable from your standard web browser."
Multicolor Staining Guide Wheel "Choosing antibodies and fluorochromes for multicolor flow cytometry can be confusing and frustrating. Use our Guide Wheel to assist you in developing and optimizing your flow cytometry experiments. Master the five aspects of the Guide Wheel and you will be well on your way to legendary discovery."
Resource Guides and Protocols "View our Resource Guides and Protocols."
Fluorochrome Excitation/Emission Chart "Use this table to determine the excitation and emission of commonly used fluorochromes. To find if your antibody of interest has tandem dye-labeled products, use our search box."




FluorPlan™ Spectra Viewer "Try FluorPlan™, the ultimate online tool to simplify complex multi-color/multi-laser experiments."
Knowledge Center "Within the Knowledge Center you will find detailed information and data for many of the areas of biology, cell types, applications and antigens we support. Click on your topic of interest below to be directed to more information."
Cross-Reactivity Charts "Many eBioscience products have been tested using samples from alternative species and were found to cross-react. In particular, several of our ELISAs, Instant ELISA®´s and FlowCytomix™ kits have been successfully tested with samples from a variety of primate species."

Purdue Cytometry Board
"The Purdue Cytometry Website is the #1 site for Cytometry information on the web!!!"


Great Lakes International Image and Flow Cytometry Association (GLIIFCA)
"GLIIFCA's Mission:

  1. To foster the interaction of professions with interest in flow cytometry and imaging cytometry.
  2. To promote research in new applications of Image Cytometry, Flow Cytometry and Allied Disciplines.
  3. To foster education and the exchange of information among persons engaged in image cytometry and flow cytometry.

"To this end, GLIIFCA holds an annual meeting in the fall of each year and sponsors this web page to serve as a clearing house for information of interest to researchers in the Great Lakes region."


International Society of Analytical Cytology
"The International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (formerly International Society for Analytical Cytology) is a scientific and educational organization that leads the way in development of cytometry, transfer of new methodologies, and exchange of cutting-edge scientific and technical information in quantitative cell sciences."


"MyCyte.org is an interactive hub of information for flow cytometrists worldwide. We provide a calendar of events, job listings, news, access to white papers, links to professional sites,a reagent and antibody supplier database, educational sources, and a forum that covers software reviews, experiment design, data management, and more."


"Our aim is to be the premier online resource for assisting the design of complex multi-parameter flow cytometry experiments and identifying and sourcing reagents that are required for flow cytometry and all antibody-related techniques."


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