University of Toledo Integrated Core Facilities (ICF)

About the ICF

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Overview / Goal

The University of Toledo’s Integrated Core Facilities (ICF) is a centralized facility comprised of shared services, cutting edge scientific equipment, and scientific expertise available to both internal and external collaborators on a fee-for-service basis. The goal of the ICF is to aid in the production of high quality scientific data for use in publication, grant preparation, or other endeavors. The ICF core labs are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and offer advanced technological services in various research fields.

Location & Hours

The ICF is centralized on the University of Toledo’s Health Science Campus in the College of Medicine and Life Sciences 3000 Arlington Ave. Toledo, Ohio 43614. The ICF includes five core facilities with distinct equipment in the following locations:


student in lab

Advanced Microscopy & Imaging Center

Block Health Science Building room 057


student at sorter

Flow Cytometry Core

Health Education Building room 233A 


allen in lab

Histology Core

Block Health Science Building room 007


TEM crop

Transmission Electron Microscopy

Block Health Science Building room 003



Kinome Core

Block Health Science Building room 057


Prior to the use of any core lab equipment, users must complete required hands on training and consultation to ensure proper use of the instruments. Please contact Andrea Kalinoski, Ph.D. to set up an initial consultation and schedule training sessions. Please provide a brief description of the project goal and include PI-consent. Training is provided by ICF personnel.

equipment scheduling & Guidelines

All lab equipment is set up to be utilized as needed, which requires individuals to have a strong understanding of time management. Equipment can be reserved utilizing the instrument Calendars and users must sign-in to record use of any equipment.  Information on how to reserve equipment and a how to guide for accessing Outlook Calendars can be found by clicking this link.  Please be courteous when reserving equipment and report any issues with scheduling or equipment to the core director.  The form for after hours card access can be found here


Visit the links below to find the estimated ICF costs associated with services. Fees are based on internal, external or corporate based use. Prices are listed dependent upon instrument utilized and/or service. Billing is calculated independently based on factors including: per sample basis, time, and associated personnel required for services rendered.

Histology Core costs

Kinome Core costs

Visitor Parking

For visitors coming from off campus please follow this link to purchase day parking passes from ParkUToledo



Last Updated: 6/6/23