University of Toledo Integrated Core Facilities (ICF)

ICF Resources

Server Access

To request specific server access please contact Andrea Kalinoski, Ph.D. Please provide a brief description of project details and PI-consent to access files. Approved users can access the server by mapping the network drive from a UT approved computer as described here.

Key Card Access

To request key card ID access to ICF facilities during open or after hours, you must obtain access through the ICF Director. Please email Andrea Kalinoski, Ph.D. a completed HSC Card Access Form with a brief description and project details including PI-consent to access ICF facilities. All individuals requesting Key Card Access must go through proper training on equipment prior to applying for access to the ICF.

OlyVIA Software Download

This software will read the data captured by the Olympus VS120 slide scanner. Images saved with .VSI or Multi-Tiff file format can be read. This software is only for viewing the scanned files and will NOT allow image capture, measurement, analysis, 3D function etc. 

Authorship / Acknowledgements Policy:

Importance of Citing the Contributions of a Core Facility!

Core facilities, such as the, ICF are invaluable resources which facilitate the production of strong contributions to the production, analysis, and publication of scientific research. ICF personnel are valued scientists, and when they contribute a substantial contribution to a publication deserve acknowledgment in publication and awards. The success of the ICF relies on proper acknowledgement the success of collaborating entities. Proper acknowledgment aids in future funding for services and support to help us provide continued services to the highest standard possible.

When citing the Integrated Core Facilities-ICF, please include the following information when appropriate:

  1. The name of the ICF and the specific service area utilized in the research or project.

  2. Provide a clear statement of how the author and core contributed to the research.

  3. Give acknowledgment to a given, center, department, grant, and our institution and or any other funding resource.

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Last Updated: 6/27/22