University of Toledo Integrated Core Facilities (ICF)

Andrea L. Kalinoski, Ph.D.

Andrea Kalinoski, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Technical Director Integrated Core Facilities
Office: 419.383.4205


B.A., Biology, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio 1994
Ph.D., Medical Sciences, Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, Ohio, 2003 


  • University of Toledo Health Science Campus, Department of Surgery, Toledo, Ohio 2003-2009 


  • 1994- 1998: Medical College of Ohio, Department of Surgery, Research Associate, Toledo, Ohio 
  • 2003- 2009: Post-Doc Fellow, Department of Surgery, Toledo Ohio, Toledo Ohio 
  • 2006- 2013: Technical Director, Advanced Microscopy & Imaging Center, Toledo Ohio, Toledo Ohio 
  • 2009- 2014: Assistant Professor, University of Toledo, Department of Surgery, Toledo, Ohio 
  • 2013- Present: Technical Director, UT Integrated Core Facilities (Advanced Microscopy & Imaging Center, Flow Cytometry and Histology), University of Toledo, College of Medicine and Life Sciences
  • 2015- Present: Associate Professor with Tenure, University of Toledo, Department of Surgery, Toledo, Ohio  


  • SPARC OT2OD023859 Howard (PI) 10/15/2016-09/30/2019 NIH
    Role Kalinoski (CO-I) Anatomical-Functional Mapping of Enteric Neural Circuits
  • University Research Award and Fellowship Vestal (PI) 6/01/2018-05/31/2019 
    Role Kalinoski (CO-I) GBP-1 in Glioblastoma
  • R01CA169500 Liu (PI) 05/01/2014-04/30/2018 NIH
    Role Kalinoski (CO-I) Trip12 AAA-ATPase overexpression in Chromosomal Instability and Breast Cancer


  1. Understanding the molecular signaling mechanisms within the vascular wall that results in the injury response and formation of neointimal hyperplasia.
  2. Understanding the signaling mechanisms within the vascular wall that result in fibroelastic changes and lead to arterial stiffness and/or decreased vascular tone. 


The University of Toledo Integrated Core Facilities acquire, maintain and support state-of-the-art equipment thatenables cutting-edge research to be performed by helping researchers economically and efficiently take advantage of innovative technology and collaborate with experts in the field.



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