Pediatric Residency Statement of Values and Mission


The University of Toledo Pediatric Residency, in an effort to improve the human condition, strives to foster, model and emulate the following values in interactions with those who share a stake in the residency program:

  •  Our Patients: The UToledo Pediatric Residents and Program are dedicated to comprehensive, compassionate, and dedicated care to all patients regardless of background, condition or socioeconomic status.  Education of patients is a priority.
  • Our Program: The UToledo Pediatric Residents and Program are dedicated to creating and contributing to a residency program that fosters a positive educational environment, provides multi-faceted training that exceeds accreditation guidelines and continues to challenge and support residents.
  • Our Students: The UToledo Pediatric Residents and Program are dedicated to creating and sustaining a program environment that holds education of medical students, peers and patients to be of the highest priority. The educational environment should be respectful, fair and positive.
  • Our Selves and Our Peers: The UToledo Pediatric Residents and Program promise to maximize the education of our residents while at the same time take equal responsibility for self education. Additionally, the residents and program are dedicated to fostering balance amongst our educational, professional and personal duties and needs.  We believe that one cannot take optimally care for others or learn when this balance is disrupted. 
  • Our Community: The UToledo Pediatric Residents and Program believe involvement in the health and well being of our community is vital to the mission of the program.  The residents and program will be engaged in increasing the health and well being of Toledo and Northwest Ohio. 

The above values will serve as a continual reminder to our residents, faculty, students and public of the core values that guide the operation of the UT Pediatric Residency Program.


At the University of Toledo Pediatric Residency Program, we recognize the value of our residents, students, faculty and patients.  The program is committed to excellence in all three of our key missions: pediatric education, patient care and advocacy.  This commitment is demonstrated by attaining excellence in the ACGME core competencies:

  • Excellence in Patient Care as evidenced by:
    • Commitment to providing timely, complete, comprehensive and safe care
    • Commitment to applying the best balance of experience and evidence based medicine
    • Commitment to caring for all patients
    • PGY-level appropriate evaluation ratings in patient care
  • Excellence in Medical Knowledge as evidenced by:
    • Achieving and sustaining a 100% five year rolling pass rate on the American Board of Pediatrics Examination
    • Achievement of the national mean or higher on the yearly In-Training Examination
    • Dedication and completion of board review programs
    • Resident involvement and leadership in educational forums, including case conference, journal club and board review
  • Excellence in Professionalism as evidenced by:
    • Exceeding expectations on annual professionalism scorecards
    • Positive ratings by staff, parents, faculty and students
    • Attainment of special recognitions, such as commendation cards
  • Excellence in Interpersonal Skills and Communication as evidenced by:
    • Obtaining excellent ratings from students, peers, allied health staff and patients
    • Timely and thorough completion of medical records
    • Achievement of competency on global evaluations
  • Excellence in Practice Based Learning and Improvement as evidenced by:
    • Daily self-assessment and reflection
    • Participation by residents in program and patient care quality improvement
    • Achievement of competency on global evaluations
Last Updated: 7/15/24