Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center

A model for interprofessional and interdisciplinary collaboration in learning and research between healthcare and technology.

Welcome to the Lloyd A. Jacobs Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center (IISC)

Developed primarily to positively impact patient safety and improve the quality of care by training UToledo and Northwest Ohio healthcare professionals using simulation models, simulated clinical settings, virtual immersive environments and medical visualization. The IISC also serves as a hub for innovation and the fostering of industry partnerships to create and develop new products, processes and procedures. 

Our "Tri-Center Concept" at the IISC allows for a self-sufficient co-existence between the three centers that provides unprecedented experiential and experimental opportunities for interprofessional and interdisciplinary collaboration with healthcare and technology.  The synergy between the three centers offers a unique collaborative environment for innovation focused on improving the human condition through greatly enhancing healthcare education, patient care and innovates technology opportunities across UToledo and Northwest Ohio.


To create a transformative learning environment at The University of Toledo

Positioning UToledo and the Toledo community as national and global leaders in the education of health professionals and the advancement of clinical practice.

Our Interprofessional Mission
  • Change the paradigm of the education of health professionals to ensure the development of clinical and professional competencies to enhance patient satisfaction and safety.
  • Stimulate innovation in teaching, learning, and clinical practice to advance interprofessional health care education.
  • Creation of new devices, procedures and processes to improve education and clinical outcomes.
  • Excel in surgical education through the creation of an advanced Progressive Anatomy & Surgical Skills Center.
  • Create virtual immersive environments that will advance learning, teaching, skill development and clinical practice

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Last Updated: 3/22/21