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On April 22, 2014, The University of Toledo opened the nation's most advanced health-care training facility, the University of Toledo Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center (IISC). The IISC is a three-story, 65,000-square-foot building located on the Health Science Campus. In this center, health-care professionals learn to care for patients by practicing skills and procedures using simulation, as well as learn to work as teams in a virtual hospital equipped with human patient simulators. In addition, the center includes the introduction of 3D and Virtual Immersive Environments to medical education.

IISC Floor 1 Map: VIR, Admin & Theater

Floor one:

A welcoming, highly technical lobby and displays, global learning suite, multi-purpose theater, virtual immersive spaces, and administrative and medical illustration offices are located on floor one.

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IISc Floor 2 Map: Advanced Clinical Skills & Elliptiacal Hospital

Floor TWO:

The main hub of IISC's Advanced Surgical Skills Center & its team members is floor two.  The state-of-the-art elliptical hospital is a central control hub surrounded by four different simulation rooms.  There are also breakout rooms and additional rooms equiped with simulation trainers and models.

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IISc Floor 3 Map: Surgical Skilla

Floor three:

Surgical simulation training suites, fresh tissue labs, virtual operating suites and The Merrick Surgical skills lab, named after one of IISC's most supportive family and surgeons Dr Hollis Merrick & Dr Mary R. Smith, are all located on floor three.  A Medical History Gallery for plastination models, historical medical equipment and other items are also on display.

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IISS Floor LL Map: Advanced Technologies

Lower Level:

IISC's home health care suite, the innovation labs, a collaboration, a technology development and a 3D creation suite are all located on the lower level.

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  • Highest Standard of Recognition as a Comprehensive Accredited Education (AEI)  - American College of Surgeons (ACS)
  • LEED Certified (Leadership in Energy & Environmental)
  • Karl Storz Center of Excellence (COE)
  • American School and University Design Award in the 2014 Architectural Portfolio - BHDP Architecture 

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