Recreational Services

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The Office of Recreational Services is the largest student employer on campus with over 200 employees. If you are interested in joining our team, please see Handshake for all open positions.       



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Job descriptions

Challenge Specialist

 Responsible for checking-in participants to the climbing wall along with checking-in and out gear to climbers. Maintaining safe environment for all with rule enforcement and education. Maintaining an account of participants and documenting usage. Challenge covers all related activities which can include climb wall, high ropes, kayaks, and log rolling.

Intramural Sports Official

The purpose of this position is to be familiar with all intramural sports policies, rules, and regulations and also ensure that all intramural activities adhere to these. This position will also assist in the marketing and promotion of all intramural sports leagues, tournaments, and activities. Intramural officials will assist in the set up and tear down of nightly intramural activities.

Intramural Sports Site Manager

The purpose of this position is to provide a leadership role for our intramural sports program. This position will need to be an expert in our intramural sports rules and policies. The position will also evaluate and critique intramural sports officials.


Must have currently or the ability upon being hired to be certified from the American Red Cross Lifeguard certificate. Actively maintain observation of pool and enforce rules to patrons. Take pool chemicals regularly, participate in monthly trainings, and demonstrate swimming proficiency according to the American Red Cross standards.

Peer Educator

Peer Educators will educate the campus community about overall health and well-being, including not limited to alcohol and drug prevention/education, Title IX and sexual assault, sexual health, and stress management by providing educational programs. Peer educators will provide the peer-to-peer support necessary to raise awareness, provide information and resources to the students on campus. All peer educators will complete the NASPA Certified Peer Educator course and receive additional training on all health and well-being topics, including continuing education throughout the academic year.

Safety Education Instructor

Must have currently or the ability upon being hired to be certified from the American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor or Basic Life Support Instructor certificate. Be proficient in First Aid, CPR/AED, and (if applicable) water skills according to American Red Cross standards. Be able to evaluate and give corrective feedback to participants on skills and grade test at the conclusion of each class. Must be up to date with all skills. Instruct classes of up to 10 participants.

Student Administrative Specialist

Assist with needed departmental administrative task as well as student employment services duties including trainings, data collection, student employee incentive and recognition program, and needed communications. This position will also assist with special projects as assigned by the entire Professional staff and Assistant Director, Programs & Leadership Development. Must be able to work in a diverse and professional environment and be able to work up to 20 hours per week.

Personal Trainer

To provide safe, personal training to clients to help them achieve their wellness goals. Must possess current certification in one of the following: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer or Health/Fitness Specialist, or NASM Personal Trainer, or NSCA.

Water Safety Instructor

Must have currently or the ability upon being hired to be certified from the American Red Cross Lifeguard certificate. Plan, develop, and implement lessons plans for swimming lessons. Be able to evaluate and give corrective feedback to the participants. Create a positive and welcoming environment for participants to learn. Be proficient in all swimming strokes, at least learn to swim level four according to the American Red Cross Standards.

Rocket EX Instructor

Provide safe, fun inclusive group fitness atmosphere for all participants. Some classes may include, Zumba, Yoga, Cycling and Pilates, just to name a few.

Building Supervisor

The Building Supervisor is responsible for the safety and supervision of Recreational Facilities and staff while on shift.  Responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to, first responder in emergency situations, enforcement and education of department policies and procedures, proper documentation, and effective communication.  

Kids Camp Student Specialist

The purpose of this position is to assist with the planning and implementation of the UToledo Rec Kids Camp. This position will assist with all aspects of implementing the Kids Camp program through training of staff, planning schedules, marketing the program, and providing excellent customer service.  

Last Updated: 1/17/23