includes imaging of the chest and thorax as well as invasive/therapeutic procedures such as thoracentesis, biopsies, etc. Imaging includes plain film radiography, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound.
Director: S. Theodore Pinsky, MD


includes imaging of the body from diaphragms to pelvic floor including diagnostic/invasive/therapeutic procedures. Imaging includes plain film radiography, fluoroscopic procedures (UGI, Barium enemas, etc.) CT imaging, biopsies, and drainage procedures, MRI, ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine studies.
Director: Robert J. Coombs, MD


includes imaging the cerebrospinal portions of the body utilizing plain films (includes fluoroscopy), CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, and Angiography.
Director: Hassan Semaan, MD


includes imaging of the peripheral musculoskeletal system utilizing plain films, tomography, CT, MRI, Ultrasound (hips), including invasive arthrograms and biopsies.
Director: Jacob Zeiss, MD


includes imaging of the breast (mammograms, ultrasound and nuclear medicine) as screening for the asymptomatic patient and diagnostic for the symptomatic patient. Stereotactic biopsies, ultrasound guided biopsies, and presurgical wire localizations are services also offered.
Director: Lee S. Woldenberg, MD
in cooperation with the Comprehensive Breast Center

Nuclear Medicine

includes total body imaging utilizing SPECT and PET camera technology.
Director: Haitham M. Elsamaloty, MD

Angiography and Interventional

includes vascular diagnostic imaging of the total body with interventional studies such as stenting, embolization, thrombolysing, TIPS, etc. are also offered.
Director: Jacob Zeiss, MD

Last Updated: 2/12/20