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Master of Science in Biomedical Science (M.S.B.S.) - Transplantation and Donation Sciences

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College of Medicine and Life Sciences logoThe University of Toledo developed the nation's first and only academic program designed to prepare people to coordinate and oversee the organ donation and transplantation process. The program, a professional science Master's degree program within the College of Medicine and Life Sciences, has two tracks; an on-campus face-to-face track and an online track.

The on-campus face-to-face track is designed to provide entry-level professional preparation for individuals who wish to become an organ and tissue donation transplant coordinator. The program is full time over three semesters, beginning in the fall semester. Prospective students should plan on devoting substantial time to their studies.

The online track is designed for individuals already working in the field who have an affiliation to an organ procurement organization, a transplant center, and a tissue bank. The program can be full time or part time, beginning any semester.

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In the News

The Program was profiled in Toledo Blade:
At UToledo, the Transplantation and Donation Sciences program has two tracks. The first is designed to provide entry-level professional preparation for those wanting to become an organ and tissue donation coordinator. UToledo has 104 alumni in the field, and five more will graduate this summer. Mr. Phillips says that more than 80 percent of UToledo graduates remain in the procurement field, a remarkable success rate that has validated his belief in the program.

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What does an organ & Tissue Donation coordinator do?

Organ & Tissue Donation Coordinators facilitate the organ donation process from the beginning to end. They are the liaisons between the donor's family, the coroner, the medical and nursing staff, the organ procurement organization and ultimately the transplant surgeon. As a result, coordinators must skillfully and diplomatically deal with a number of issues, agendas and personalities in order to achieve a successful organ transplant.


The curriculum consists of eight core courses and three elective courses offered in a three-semester sequence over one calendar year for the face to face students and in three blocks for the on-line students. Basic science and medical science provide a foundation for professional coursework and supervised clinical experience. In addition, courses also focus upon the legal, ethical, socio-cultural and behavioral dimensions associated with death, organ donation and transplantation. The courses include didactic and experiential learning, and culminate in a capstone seminar. Faculty in this innovative program include basic scientists and clinical faculty, including transplant surgeons from UTMC, and others who are leaders within organ procurement and donation.

Competitive scholarships may be awarded. 

The University of Toledo is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Graduates of the Master of Science in Biomedical Science – Transplantation and Donation Sciences will be prepared to take national certification examinations offered by the American Board for Transplant Certification after working in the field for one year.

Program Alumni

Alumni of UToledo’s Transplantation and Donation Sciences Program have been employed at: 

  • BloodCenter of Wisconsin Organ and Tissue Services, Milwaukee
  • Buckeye Transplant (remote position)
  • Carolina Donor Services, Greenville, N.C.
  • Carousel of Hope and Healing, Concord Township, Ohio
  • Center for Donation & Transplant, Albany, N.Y.
  • Center for Organ Recovery and Education, Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland
  • Donor Alliance, Inc., Denver
  • Donor Network of Arizona, Tempe, Ariz.
  • Donor Network West, San Ramon, Calif.
  • Gift of Life Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.
  • Indiana Donor Network, Indianapolis
  • Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates, Louisville, Ky.
  • Life Alliance, Miami
  • Life Connection of Ohio, Toledo, Ohio
  • LifeBanc, Cleveland
  • LifeCenter, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • LifeCenter Northwest, Bellevue, Wash.
  • LifeGift, Houston
  • Lifeline of Ohio, Columbus
  • LifeNet Health, Virginia Beach, Va.
  • LifeLink Foundation, Georgia and Florida
  • Live On Nebraska, Omaha, Neb.
  • LiveOnNY, New York, N.Y.
  • Nevada Donor Network, Las Vegas
  • New England Donor Services, Waltham, Mass.
  • New Jersey Organ Sharing Network, New Providence, N.J.
  • New Mexico Donor Services, Albuquerque, N.M.
  • One Legacy, Los Angeles
  • Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank, Portland, Ore.
  • Sierra Donor Services, Sacramento, Calif. (San Francisco area)
  • Southwest Transplant Alliance, Dallas
  • Tennessee Donor Services, Nashville, Tenn.
  • Washington Regional Transplant Community, Falls Church, Va. (D.C. area)

Last Updated: 8/30/23