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People's Hospital - Beijing, China - Global Health Program

People’s Hospital – Beijing, China inside China hospital

This elective clerkship will enable fourth-year medical students to develop clinical experience in both inpatient and outpatient clinical settings at People’s Hospital of Peking University Beijing China. The students will live in an apartment complex next to the hospital that is primarily for foreign dignitaries visiting Peking University and/or People’s Hospital.

Students will work primarily with attending physicians in the Emergency Department in specialties:Chineese students and staff

  • Emergency Medicine/Critical Care
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Additional rotations may be available upon request



 Beijing ChinaFor additional details view the Clerkship Description (clerkship/rotation description, housing, transportation, language, insurance, costs, and cultural activities) and the Elective Curriculum (elective description, length, educational objectives, instructional methods, and evaluation): 

Clerkship DescriptioN (PDF) Elective CurriculuM (PDF)

Last Updated: 6/27/22