J.D./M.D. Degree Program

Summary of The University of Toledo J.D./M.D. Dual-Degree Program

The University of Toledo J.D./M.D. dual degree program allows simultaneous enrollment in the College of Law J.D. program and the College of Medicine and Life Sciences M.D. program, leading to the granting of both degrees after six years of full-time, rigorous study. It saves students approximately one year of time and tuition as compared to completing the programs sequentially and does not disrupt the completion of post-graduate medical training. The program is aimed at students who wish to combine medical and legal expertise for career purposes. Many graduates are expected to assume leadership positions in governmental and private organizations concerned with healthcare policy and healthcare systems but graduates will be fully qualified to pursue more traditional career paths in law and/or medicine should they choose to do so. Prospective students will apply for admission to both the College of Law and the College of Medicine and Life Sciences and must meet the admission requirements for both programs. Once they are admitted, they will follow a course of study that will involve alternating years in the two colleges with summers generally reserved for electives, law or medicine-related employment, supervised research, or studying for the United States Medical Licensing Exam or a state bar examination. The final year will include one semester in each college. Students will normally receive the J.D. and M.D. degrees in separate ceremonies during the spring of their sixth year of study.

Persons who are interested in the JD/MD Dual-Degree program can learn more from the overview of the J.D./M.D. program or contact the Admissions Offices in the UT College of Law or the College of Medicine and Life Sciences for admissions materials. They may also contact either of the co-directors: Elizabeth McCuskey in the College of Law and A. John McSweeny, J.D., Ph.D. in the College of Medicine and Life Sciences, for additional information.

For more information, visit the College of Law's J.D./M.D. page here.

Last Updated: 6/27/22