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Elissar Andari, Ph.D.

Elissar Andari Lab

Autism and Social Affective Neuroscience research

Rujun Gong, MD, PhD, FASN

Rujun Gong Lab

Kidney research

Steven T. Haller, Ph.D.

Steven Haller Lab

Kidney research
Part of the UT Water Task Force

David Kennedy, Ph.D.


Cardiac and renal research
Part of the UT Water Task Force

Mahasin Osman, Msc. Ph.D.

Mahasin Osman LAB

Cancer-Diabetes Research

Juan Carlos Jaume, MD

Jasmine Jingyuan liu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Computional Biology and Cancer Research




Student in lab

Learn more about The University of Toledo’s Integrated Core Facilities (ICF), a centralized facility comprised of shared services, cutting edge scientific equipment, and scientific expertise available to both internal and external collaborators on a fee-for-service basis. 


Latest Research News from The University of Toledo

The University of Toledo is leading multidisciplinary research in assessing the health implications of harmful algal blooms and working to help Great Lakes communities safeguard clean drinking water sources.

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Last Updated: 4/26/23