Biological Sciences

Faculty Research: Song-Tao Liu


Professor and Department Chair

PostDoc, Fox Chase Cancer Center
Ph.D., Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry
B.Sc., Wuhan University

Office: WO 4254
Phone No: 419-530-7853

Lab Website


Research Overview:  
Over 90% of solid tumors are aneuploid. The long-term goal of our research is to understand and exploit aneuploidy in cancers. To this end, we have been investigating both subcellular structures (the centromere/kinetochore complex) and regulatory mechanisms (the mitotic checkpoint) involved in chromosome segregation. As recent results have found that aneuploid cancer cells require additional genetic or epigenetic alterations to survive and proliferate, we also aim to identify recurring modifications in aneuploid cancers and test whether they can be used for aneuploid cancer prognosis and treatment.
Even though many cancer "signature" genes have been proposed, the biological functions of some of them remain unclear. We currently focus on characterizing certain chromosomal instability (CIN) signature genes in breast cancers.  We have realized the limitations of regular 2D cell culture in studying cancers so are in different 3D cell culture systems and animal models into our research.
Last Updated: 9/14/23