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Deborah Chadee

Deborah Chadee, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital and Tufts Medical Center
B.S., Ph.D. University of Manitoba, Canada

Office:           BO3099D 
Phone No:   419.530.5077







Mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling pathways respond to diverse stimuli and regulate biological processes such as proliferation, migration, differentiation and motility. Our studies are focused on the Mixed Lineage Kinases (MLKs), which are MAPK kinase kinases (MAP3Ks) that activate multiple MAPK pathways. The long-term research goals include deciphering how MLKs are regulated by growth factors and stress stimuli in normal and neoplastic cells, and determining how altered regulation of MLKs and MAPK signaling pathways affects proliferation, invasion, migration and apoptosis in cancer cells.

Current Students:

Undergraduate Students
Mesa Bouni
David Honda

Graduate Students
Srimathi Kasturirangan
Mariah Rozier
Luis Cedeno-Rosario
Sarah Sorrell

Current Laboratory Grants:

NIH R15 (09/01/19-08/31/22)
Regulation of MLK3 by LATS


Last Updated: 3/2/22