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We encourage our undergraduate students who are thinking of graduate school, medical school or other health-related professional school, to consider conducting undergraduate research with one of our faculty members. Students must obtain the consent of the faculty member before registering for any section of BIOL 4910 (undergraduate research). Since most faculty members can only accommodate one or two undergraduate students in their labs each year, it is important to consult with the professor as early as possible. Students in the Honors Program, or wishing to be considered for departmental honors, must conduct an independent research project, write a thesis, and make an oral presentation about their work before graduation.


Grant Proposal 'Research experiences for Undergraduates' (2020-2022)

An NSF grant proposal entitled, Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) site: Experiencing Undergraduate Research in Cell Architecture and Dynamics at The University of Toledo, has been submitted for the 2020-2022 summer semesters. Come back again in early 2020 to check the status of the grant!

If you are currently interested in doing undergraduate research in the area of Cell Architecture and Dynamics, please email Dr. Song-Tao Liu for more information, or call the Department of Biological Sciences at 419.530.2065.

Last Updated: 12/2/19