Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility at the University of Toledo

There are 4 NMR and 1 ESR spectrometers in this facility. It is located in the chemistry department at Bowman-OddyLaboratories room BO187. Although it is primarily a student-run operation, the spectrometers are also accessible to local communities. Access is obtained via training and checkouts, given by the facility staff.

Before using the spectrometers, a reservation for spectrometer time is required!

  • Bruker Avance III 600Mhz spectrometer with Cryoprobe and a Z gradient. While the Dual Resonance 5mm cryogenic Avance 600probe is optimized for 13C detection, the 1H sensitivity is also exceptional. The Cryoprobe delivers the single largest increase in NMR sensitivity in the last few decades. This enables an increase sample throughput by up to 16- fold. Together with a state of the art Avance console the improvement in signal-to-noise ratio is impressive!

    This spectrometer also has Solid state NMR capabilities. It has a 4 mm Top-loading DVT Multinuclear Double Resonance MAS probe tunable from 15N to 31P. The active volume is 50 microliter and maximum spinning speed is 15 kHz. VT range -50oC to +120oC. 
  • Please let us know which NMR user accounts are no longer active. The data on inactive NMR accounts will be moved to the old_data folder and within half a year the associated NMR account will be deleted. After 2 years the data in old_data folder will be deleted!
Last Updated: 6/27/22