Lake Erie Center

Tentative Program Timeline

Date  Program Activity and Events
Feb 28  Applications due from prospective students
March 20  Acceptance letters emailed
March 31  Commitment letters from prospective students due;
 Waiting list students notified
May 26  Students move into dorm
Week 1;
 May 26-29

 Orientation week, site visits, group bonding experience

  • May 27: Meet & Greet, pre-program survey, program overview, Lake Erie shoreline field trip
  • May 28-29: Field trips including terrestrial system, aquatic system, and boat trip.
  • May 29: Project planning with REU students, graduate student mentors & faculty mentors
Weeks 2-8;
 June 1-
 July 17

Data collection and weekly workshops to build research skills

>Students work in research labs or in the field with faculty and graduate student mentors
>Wed. 12 pm each week: REU luncheon for all team members at the Lake Erie Center
>Wed. 1 pm each week, all REU team members: REU students give update on their progress; a graduate student mentor gives a short presentation on their thesis research 
>Wed. 2-4:30 pm each week: Joint project mentoring on the following topics, presented by a different faculty mentor each week:Week 2: Developing hypotheses, conducting literature reviews; brief tour LEC research labs

  • Week 3: Experimental design; Cultural Experiences Icebreaker
  • Week 4: Resumé writing, job interview skills, and STEM career panel
  • Week 5: Data analysis 
  • Week 6: Writing a scientific paper
  • Week 7: Giving effective oral and poster presentations
  • Week 8: Graduate school Q&A panel with faculty and graduate student mentors
Week 9;
 July 20-24
  • REU student project data analyses workshops led by graduate student mentors
  • Poster presentation & paper writing help sessions
Week 10;
 July 27-31
  • REU student poster show & reception for faculty, students, agency personnel, community partners, visitors (Wednesday, July 29)
  • REU student papers due Friday, July 31
  • End of program evaluation exit survey Friday noon, followed by capstone lunch picnic
Following Academic Year Monthly, virtual mentoring sessions for REU students led by a faculty and graduate student mentor, focused on preparing REU students’ papers for publication in peer-reviewed journals
2020-2022  Annual tracking of REU students, publications, output, careers
Last Updated: 5/27/20