Budget Modernization

"Developing and implementing a new budget model that supports and encourages innovation and collaboration is critical to the future financial stability of UToledo. The new incentive-based budget model will directly link student success outcomes to strategic academic investments." — Gregory Postel, M.D., President

President Gregory Postel has identified several key initiatives focusing on increasing efficiencies, addressing operational challenges and embracing innovative ideas to prepare UToledo for the future. With the goal of creating a solid foundation upon which to build, each initiative is being co-led by members of the UToledo campus community.

The budget modernization initiative seeks to update UToledo’s approach to resource allocation through the design of a new incentive-based model. This approach will directly allocate revenues and expenses to University units that generate them. Details of the model methodology will be determined and communicated over the next several months.

University Libraries has put together additional resources to learn about responsibility centered management.

A diverse steering committee of University stakeholders will guide those methodology decisions.

Learn more about other key initiatives, provide feedback or ask questions on the key initiatives webpage.

Last Updated: 6/27/22